Travel as a digital nomad: tips for choosing your first destination

Travel as a digital nomad: tips for choosing your first destination

A digital nomad is a person who works remotely and also enjoys traveling at the same time. In other words, beyond working from home, digital nomads seek to work from anywhere in the world and travel constantly, since the only thing they need to fulfill their job is the internet and a computer.

Although this form of work and travel It already existed for a few years, with the arrival of the pandemic and the boom in remote employment it became very popular. There was restructuring in companies and several jobs became remote jobs. In addition, more and more people are looking for telecommuting, due to the flexibility it can provide.

Thus, digital nomads are increasing. However, for those who begin to approach this world, it is not always easy, and it is normal that there are several questions about it. Today we bring a series of tips for choosing your first destination as a digital nomad. If you are starting out in the world of travel and telecommuting, they will be very useful, so take note.

  • The most important thing is the internet.

Whether it is a beach, mountain, city or desert, it is essential that the place you are going to choose has a good internet reception. Although today it could be said that in practically any city and country there is internet access, there are destinations that do not have a good signal or that have a very strict control, and it is worth investigating that before deciding.

  • Consider the costs of living

The second most important aspect when choosing your first destination is the cost of living. Remember that somehow must be profitable, that is, not to exceed the salary you earn in the first place. Check travel, lodging and food costs.

  • Choose a destination that is not completely unknown to you

For your first experience, a good option is to start with a place that you like a lot and you already know, because that way you will know how to make your money work better, also, you will not feel in an insecure place. The first experiences help to give us security, to launch ourselves into bigger challenges.

Another good tip is visit a friend who lives in another citysince you may be able to save on lodging costs, and what better way to get to know a place with someone who is from there.

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  • Define a short travel time

This is optional, but it is recommended that, for your first experience as a digital nomad, you start with a short trip, as it will give you certain certainties, especially financial ones. Giving yourself a getaway for four days, a week, or a month, may be enough for you to decide if you like this way of life, and how to get the most out of it.

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