The serious mistake when arriving or returning from vacation that is destroying the engine of your car

The serious mistake when arriving or returning from vacation that is destroying the engine of your car

This is the mistake that many are making this summer with their vehicle and that can cause a very unpleasant breakdown.

We must pay special attention to all the mechanics of our vehicle before going on a long vacation trip so as not to get any unpleasant surprises along the way, but also once we finish our vacations and return home, it is convenient that we take care equally the mechanics of our vehicle so as not to have a few additional expenses.

And it is that the maintenance of the vehicle not only implies passing the ITV, but also taking special care in the correct use of the car under a series of circumstances.

And the turbo is one of those elements that we must take care of the most so as not to affect the long-term operation of our engine. And it is that currently most cars have turbocharged engines that provide advantages such as increased performance, reduced consumption and reduced emissions, among others.

But that also requires great care because you have to respect the different phases of heating and cooling the engine.

During this time it is convenient don’t rev up too much and accelerate progressively so that the temperature rises little by little and avoid premature wear of the internal parts.

This will ensure that the coolant circulates properly through the circuit and all the metals expand and couple without requiring a greater workload.

And as our colleagues at Autobild comment, it is important to respect this entire process, so it is advisable to allow the engine to cool down for a few minutes before stopping it after a long journeysomething that is not usually done, in a mistake that many drivers are making.

And it is that generally on long trips at highway speeds, turbocharged engines subsequently require a short period of time to lower their temperature. And it is that the great workload of the turbocharger gains a lot of temperature and we must give it time to cool down or else we will run the risk that the bearings suffer and a breakdown can be caused.

So when you arrive at your holiday destination or return home after a long trip, once you park the vehicle do not turn off the engineInstead, let it idle for about two minutes or so so that the oil lubricates the turbo and the rest of the parts and thus gradually and naturally lowers the temperature.


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