A young woman wants to undergo a breast reduction surgery

She has a size K bust. "I can’t enjoy life"

British Araba Banson works as a curator in a British art gallery. A 24-year-old woman with a size K breasts told Kennedy News how difficult it is to live with such large breasts. Although Araba dreams of reducing her breasts, undergoing the procedure is not possible for her yet.

Her breasts continue to grow

A young woman struggles with many ailments resulting from having large breasts. She suffers from backaches, has difficulty breathing, and getting out of bed is also troublesome. According to the woman’s story, her breasts continue to grow. She is most comfortable at night, when she can throw her breasts aside and not feel its weight. Araba also said she has to buy new bras every two months to support her breasts. He spends 120 pounds on it, which is almost 700 PLN.

Araba didn’t wear bras until she was 19, and that’s when her breasts started to grow rapidly. “One day I woke up and noticed they were bigger. The first bra I bought was a size D.” – he says.

A young woman wants to undergo a breast reduction surgery

Photo: @Kennedy News and Media Twitter / Ofeminin

“Now I can only lie in bed”

As the 24-year-old has mobility problems and gets tired quickly, she is forced to spend most of her time in four walls. “Before, I was very active. I did various sports and I couldn’t sit at home. Now I can only lie in bed. As soon as I walk by the furniture, I knock over the items on it with my breasts. It’s a triviality, but it drives me crazy” – she explains in an interview with portal.

Araba Banson raises money for breast reduction surgery. She wants to undergo the procedure, despite the contraindications the doctors told her about. “I will not wait for something more serious to happen. In some time I may not move anymore” – the 24-year-old is afraid.

Arabian breasts continue to grow

Arabian breasts continue to grow

Photo: @Kennedy News and Media Twitter / Ofeminin

Why can’t she cut her bust?

Doctors do not want to agree to have Arabia’s breast reduction surgery because they say she should lose weight first. Unfortunately, the woman has a problem with losing extra pounds, because any physical activity ends with an injury.

Recently, while training her back muscles, Araba felt unable to move her legs. It turned out that the breasts put a lot of strain on the vertebrae, and the exercises additionally damaged them even more. “I landed in a wheelchair. It scared me. I thought that I would never be able to walk again. I feel that because of my big breasts I cannot enjoy life” The woman said.

This is why Arab’s dream is an operation that may give her a chance to return to normal life. Until she succumbs to it, she will still be trapped at home so as not to strain her health.

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