New rapid hope: This is how Demir brother Furkan ticks

New rapid hope: This is how Demir brother Furkan ticks

The name Demir has been on everyone’s lips in Austrian football for a long time.

At the age of 16 years and 195 days, Yusuf became the youngest player ever to play a Bundesliga game for Rapid in an away duel against Admira on December 19, 2019. With some ups and downs, 48 ​​more appearances in green and white and the debut in the national team were added. The six-month guest appearance at FC Barcelona, ​​including his Champions League debut, increased Yusuf’s level of awareness and the expectations placed in him.

Eventful and, above all, instructive months lie behind the 19-year-old offensive man. While “Yussi” dares a new attack at SK Rapid after the U19 European Championship, brother Furkan recently celebrated his debut for Rapid II in the Admiral 2nd league.

While Yusuf was hyped early on because of his disposition, Furkan is a blank slate who (still) acts in his brother’s shadow.

LAOLA1 With the help of Rapid sports coordinator Steffen Hofmann and youth director Willi Schuldes, explains who Furkan Demir is, how he ticks, what makes him special and where the differences to Yusuf lie.

In a double pack to the SK Rapid

In the summer of 2013, Furkan, who clocks up his kilometers in central midfield, joined the SK Rapid youth team with his older brother.

From that point on, the 17-year-old went through the entire youth and academy activities in Hütteldorf. In the last season he established himself as a regular in the U18 team of the Austrian record champions with 16 appearances and two goals.

As a reward, he was allowed to play the preparatory games in winter under Stefan Kulovits in the second team. The first young professional contract followed in mid-May, binding him to Rapid until the summer of 2024.

“He’s been there for ages, does everything for it and is happy every day and full of energy,” said Schuldes enthusiastically. “If it’s just the smallest test match, he’ll give everything and throw everything into the balance to win and he’s a Rapid player through and through.”

But unlike Yusuf, Furkan’s strengths do not come into play on the wing, but in the center.

The differences to Yusuf

In comparison, Furkan was spared a hype about himself. For him it was more about work and diligence. “We’ve had him on our list for a long time, but he’s a player who hasn’t always had it easy, so we often let him play in the U16s as an U17 player to gain match practice and give him security .”

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“Furkan is a central midfielder, more of a box-to-box player who finds his way into the game through dynamics, duels and the fight for the ball,” said Schuldes, classifying the strengths. Last season, the final breakthrough came on the double six at Rapid, where, according to Schuldes, he “was instrumental in the runner-up title”.

Sports coordinator Hofmann emphasizes Furkan’s fighting spirit. “He’s a player who puts his heart into it every time and can be extremely important for a team.” In terms of playfulness, he is “the complete opposite of Yussi, who comes more through his technique and playfulness”.

Schuldes adds: “In terms of play, it’s just that Yussi is an offensive player and Furki is more of a central defensive player. While one has the strengths on the ball and with the ball on foot on the offensive, the other has it more in the team game, in the game against the ball and in the continuation after winning the ball.”

You don’t want to compare the brothers in Vienna-Hütteldorf down to the smallest detail. “These are two Rapid players who happen to be related,” Schuldes clarifies. “Furkan is a player in his own right, not just Yussi’s younger brother – that’s important. A player in his own right with an intensity who has a huge heart for the team and gives everything for the club when he’s on the pitch.”

Debut! But: “Furkan wants more”

Those virtues have already brought Furkan two short appearances in the young second division season.

“As we know him, he wants more,” said Schuldes, who is far from seeing the end of the road: “But the decisive factor will be that he doesn’t overpower, but also knows when something is required – when it’s an easy game , when is a duel required, how do I have to act strategically.”

The careful construction is in the foreground for green and white. Furkan has mastered LigaZwa’s baptism of fire, now it’s time to adapt quickly to adult and professional football. Sooner or later the continuous path should lead to the regular formation at Rapid II and, ideally, to the fighting team.

“He should secure his place in the match squad through short assignments and training performances. It’s difficult enough with so many good players that he comes to action times and can then take one step after the other. Of course he wants to become a regular at Rapid II. Let’s see how this is developing”, Schuldes is looking forward to the future.

“Still at the bottom of the stairs”

On the way to the big goal, Furkan seems to be on a promising path. The Hütteldorfer trust him a great career. “What he might be lacking physically at the moment, he’s been making up for with an uncanny mentality,” says Hofmann.

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Shooting star Nikolas Sattlberger (This is Rapid’s new flagship student >>) shows that Rapid’s next step is faster than expected. After just 14 games for Rapid II, the 18-year-old midfielder has been a permanent fixture in the first team since the summer.

“We trust Furki that he will play in the second team at some point. And if he plays well there, especially at Rapid, the next step often comes very quickly. But we’re still at the bottom of the ladder there,” says Schuldes.

Demir has the next chance to take a step further up the career ladder on Sunday (10:30 a.m. in the LIVE stream) in the guest game against Sturm II.

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