Netflix: Surprising development – ​​will the streaming service soon be part of Prime Video or Disney+?

Netflix: Creators of “Sandman” desperate in the implementation – “There was nobody”

Netflix: Creators of “Sandman” desperate in the implementation – “There was nobody”

The Netflix empire: The greatest successes of the streaming giant

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Since August 5th, the streaming provider has Netflix a new series in his repertoire. And it probably has it all. “Sandman” is meant to be dark, scary and dramatic.

Filming Neil Gaiman’s comic series turned out to be more difficult than expected. And so it happened that it took almost 30 years for this story to become a moving image Netflix can be told.

Netflix: Series or Movie? Makers disagree

Neil Gaiman’s comic book series began publication in 1989. The series is about the main character Morpheus, who as “Sandman” is the ruler of the dream realm and has the power over what people dream while they sleep. According to the Netflix description, he now “faces the great task of ironing out the cosmic and human mistakes he has made in his vast existence.”

But long before production even started, the question arose as to whether the comic book series would work better in films or in a series. Ultimately, Neil Gaiman himself tipped the scales. He tweeted, “I hope we can do something on TV that feels as personal and true as the best of the ‘Sandman’ comics did.”


This is the streaming provider Netflix:

  • The term Netflix consists of ‘Net’ (for Internet) and ‘flicks’ (colloquial for films).
  • The company was founded in California in 1997
  • Netflix made over $20 billion in revenue in 2019
  • The streaming service offers around 3,000 films and series
  • Netflix’s competitors are Prime Video and Disney+


Netflix: Creators face challenge in casting lead role

As is now known, the makers of the series were initially faced with a huge heap of broken glass. Because not everyone can convey the lead role authentically. Tom Sturridge ended up getting the part, but it was a long way off. Although he had already been discussed from the start, the directors watched almost 1,500 to 2,000 actors. Ultimately, author Neil Gaiman observed, “There was no one who was Tom.” And with that, the cornerstone for “Sandman” was laid.


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