Mayors and parliamentarians sign agreement "I approve Chile without Corruption"

Mayors and parliamentarians sign agreement “I approve Chile without Corruption”

In an activity in which they clarified that they were outside of their working hours, a group of mayors expressed their support for the I approve option this Saturday.

Saturday August 6, 2022 4:44 p.m.

A group of mayors and parliamentarians met at noon this Saturday to express their support for the Approval option, in view of the exit plebiscite, and to sign the agreement “I approve of a Chile without corruption.”

The first to express her opinion was the mayor of Ñuñoa, Emilia Ríos: “A very important demand (from citizens) comes from the tiredness of verifying over and over again on many occasions in municipalities, at the private level and before others, that the Corruption effectively takes over spaces. And when corruption sets in, we all lose, we all lose, and those who are most vulnerable also lose.”

“Those issues require a strong State of municipalities that can have the resources to spend them where they are most needed, and it is important to know that this constitutional project that we are going to vote on September 4 collects this demand,” he said.

The community chief stressed the importance of having the opportunity to “have a new Constitution that does take care of the demand for a country that says no to corruption, of institutions that ensure that when a person commits acts against the interest , against the public good, he can never hold a public office again, as he is not insured today.”

“This demand, along with many others, are included in this constitutional project. And it is important that we are clear that in this way we can move forward, that this is an opportunity, and the response to a very heartfelt demand from citizens. It is here, there is an article, there is a proposal and it is important that we can support it on September 4”, Ríos concluded.

Then, the mayor of La Pintana, Claudia Pizarro, took the floor: “If I am here, it is because my fight against corruption has not been a whim, but has been a permanent fight. Because for the humble, an act of corruption means that they have fewer resources to invest in their community. The humble are hurt by corruption, and we see that the powerful are not.”

“I genuinely position myself here as a center-left, and I also accompany the left because it does not matter that this sector, like ours, discards corruption, because whoever puts their hands in this sector is punished, but we see that for the right, that punishment does not exist”, he indicated.

In that sense, he affirmed: “we are glad that in this new Constitution it is stipulated that the one who puts his hands, is the one who does not have to represent any public office in any institution of our country. That is why I am with the new Constitution, with article 170, because it shows perfectly that whoever puts his hands in, cannot represent us in any position of the institution”.

Photo: Aton Agency.

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