1. 37′ – Goal – Patrik Hrosovský (3 – 1)
  2. 32′ – Goal – Smail Prevljak (2 – 1)
  3. 9′ – Goal – Joseph Paintsil (2 – 0)
  4. 3′ – Goal – Joseph Paintsil (1 – 0)
  1. 84′ – Yellow 2 – Stef Peeters
  2. 81′ – Cont. Bilal el Khannous by Nicolas Castro
  3. 78′ – Cont. Isaac Nuhu by Tyreek Magee
  4. 78′ – Cont. Jason Davidson by Sibiry Keita
  5. 69′ – Cont. Jerome Deom by Konan N’Dric
  6. 69′ – Cont. Cyriel Dessers by András Németh
  7. 65′ – Yellow – Jan Král
  8. 61′ – Yellow – Stef Peeters
  9. 59′ – Goal – Regan Charles Cook (3 – 2)
  10. 46′ – Cont. Abdul Manaf Nurudeen by Lennart Moser

Both Genk and Eupen could taste the victory for the first time this season on the previous match day. Genk deservedly won at home against Standard, while Eupen Club Brugge sent out the East Cantons empty-handed. Who draws the right line? Follow the match here phase by phase or live on Radio 1 from 4 pm.

  1. second half, minute 86. Genk escapes the equalizer. N’Dri dribbles wonderfully free from the left, reaches the back line, but does not keep the overview. He places the ball inaccurately. The retracting Van Genechten had the chance to just run the ball into an empty goal, but cannot reach the ball.  .
  2. second half, minute 84. Castro, who came on for El Khannouss, who was replaced by a applause from Vrancken, did a good job from the second line. Moser grabs the ball with both hands, where every Genk shot has been flying since the second half.  .
  3. Second yellow card for Stef Peeters from KAS Eupen during the second half, minute 84
  4. second half, minute 83. Unhappy Peeters receives his second yellow card. He arrives late and continues on Lucumi’s foot. Peeters doesn’t grumble and walks to the side.  .
  5. second half, minute 82. Bryan Heynen grazed a well-edited corner just too little with his head. The ball goes in front.  .
  6. second half, minute 82. It is now trembling and trembling for Genk, that it has failed to finish it. . Stef Wijnants on Radio 1.
  7. second half, minute 81. Substitution at KRC Genk, Nicolas Castro in, Bilal el Khannous out
  8. second half, minute 80. N’Dri is left alone on a corner kick. He tries with a half bicycle kick, but misses the ball. He should have kept a little calmer, because he had time and space to punish the mistake in the Genk defence.  .
  9. second half, minute 78. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Tyreek Magee in, Isaac Nuhu out
  10. second half, minute 78. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Sibiry Keita in, Jason Davidson out
  11. second half, minute 76. Eupen does not give up and insists. It goes full for a point and looks for that equalizer through fast combination football. Genk is lurking on the counter, with a combination attack just as fast.  .
  12. Moser remains undefeated. It goes up and down very quickly. One counterpoint follows another. The walking Heynen tries to outwit Moser with a cunning tap, in vain. El Khannouss also tries with a falling ball on the shoe, but again: Moser is standing.  . second half, minute 73.
  13. second half, minute 70. Again a sharp attack from Genk. From the left, El Khannouss cannot push the ball into the goal. Moser is again paying close attention and shielding his corner well.  .
  14. second half, minute 69. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Konan N’Dri in, Jerome Deom out
  15. second half, minute 69. Substitution at KRC Genk, András Németh in, Cyriel Dessers out
  16. second half, minute 68. Scoreless Dessers leaves the field. Could it have been Cyriel Dessers’ last minutes on Genk soil? He greets the audience and is loudly sung to. Not Onuachu, but Nemeth takes his place.  .
  17. second half, minute 65. What a strange game by Genk: so convincing and in the end it still doesn’t have the victory after an hour of play. . Stef Wijnants on Radio 1.
  18. Yellow card for Jan Král from KAS Eupen during the second half, minute 65
  19. Yellow card for Stef Peeters from KAS Eupen during the second half, minute 61
  20. second half, minute 60. Things are getting heated now. Peeters makes a serious mistake on Trésor, which leads to a riot. The dolls start dancing. Yellow card for the otherwise very quiet Peeters.  .

Source: Sporza

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