Israel bombs Gaza for the second day and is already preparing a military operation "preventive"

Israel bombs Gaza for the second day and is already preparing a military operation "preventive"

Israel maintains the offensive on Gaza for the second consecutive day to attack the positions of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). A Palestinian has died by the Israeli bombings, to which we must add that two Israeli soldiers have been wounded by the impact of a rocket launched by the Islamic Jihad. An escalation of violence that already registers up to 15 dead Palestinians and 125 injured people. And that is far from over, since Tel Aviv prepares a “preventive” military operation a week in the Palestinian Strip.

Among the dead, the Gaza Ministry of Health has specified that one of the last deceased was a 62-year-old woman. In addition, he has pointed out that more than 125 people have been injured in this wave of Israeli bombing, on what the Army described as Jihad targets.

The Islamist group has so far identified four of the deceased as members, including Taysir al Jabari, number two of the organization and leader of its armed wing in the center and north of the Strip. Among the fatalities there is also a five-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman.

[Israel mata al número dos de la Yihad Islámica en Gaza y a otros 7 palestinos, entre ellos una niña]

The Israeli Army, for its part, has confirmed that two of its soldiers were injured by the impact of a projectile in the Nirim kibbutz, near the border with Gaza. The The soldiers’ injuries were described as minor, but they had to be transferred to a hospital in the area to receive medical attention.

According to local Israeli media, in addition to the soldiers, eight more people had to be hospitalized, mostly for injuries sustained while running towards bomb shelters. The latest figures released by the Army indicate that more than 160 rockets have been launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) since the beginning yesterday of the current spike in tension. The vast majority were intercepted or fell in unpopulated areas, without causing major damage.

One of these launches this Saturday activated the alarms in the city of Modiín, located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and where a strong explosion was recorded after the interception by the Israeli anti-aircraft defense systems.

The firing of rockets towards this city marks a possible change in strategy, since the vast majority of the projectiles launched so far had been short-range and had been directed towards the nearest Israeli towns to Gaza. According to the Israeli authorities, since Friday night more than 230 rockets have been fired towards their territory.

40 Jihad targets

Although the Israeli Army has not confirmed how many bombardments it has carried out on the Strip since the beginning of its offensive on Friday, local media quote military sources counting more than 40 Palestinian Islamic Jihad objectives achieved Until now.

These targets, attacked above all using drones and fighter planesinclude sites allegedly used for the manufacture of weapons and for the production and launch of rockets, as well as military checkpoints and a residential building, in which the number two of the YIP, Taysir al Jabari, died yesterday.

The current spike in tension began this Friday with a Strong Israeli Offensive on Jihad Targets in Gaza in the face of what the military described as an “imminent threat” of attack by the group in retaliation following the arrest on Monday of one of its leaders during a raid in the occupied West Bank.

Israel considers that the links of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad with Iran turn the group into a satellite of Tehranwhich is seen by the Jewish state as an existential threat.

Gantz calls for inflicting ‘serious harm’ on Islamic Jihad

The Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantzassured this Saturday that the Army will inflict “serious damage” on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (YIP) in the Gaza Strip in the context of the current escalation of violence, in order to “restore peace” in the region.

Gantz has called on the Israeli population to “stay strong and remain united” and has emphasized the need to respect safety instructions during the spike in tension that began yesterday.

Israel believes that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad links to Iran they turn the group into a satellite of Tehran, which is seen by the Jewish state as an existential threat.

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