Ice is scarce in the supermarket: these machines make it fast and in abundance

Ice is scarce in the supermarket: these machines make it fast and in abundance

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The freezer of your refrigerator is not enough to make ice cubes and it is not easy to go out and buy it either. These machines are the solution.

In the midst of a historic heat wave, ice is scarce in Spain. Bars, nightclubs and festivals search like crazy for the precious ice cubes, while in supermarkets their sale is rationed.

Where they are still found, their price has doubled in just days. Why has what is already known as “hielogate”?

After several summers with restrictions, leisure has skyrocketed. Regular customers triple while tourism arrives again. All this accompanied by record temperatures, which further increase the consumption of this product. Many air conditioners require ice to be added to them.

Demand has increased exponentially. Nevertheless, the offer literally melts due to the high price of electricity.

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It is not profitable for manufacturers to keep ice in cold rooms. Besides of kilowatt pricethey also have to face the increase in the cost of plastic packaging and transport.

The price escalation It will be even more pronounced in the next three weeks, experts say. If you want to ensure a cold drink during this month of August, you should bet on these machines that make ice quickly:

  1. To place on the countertop: Yoleo
  2. To take in the car: BEAGHTY
  3. Best Seller: FREE VILLAGE
  4. Top Rated: NETTA
  5. With automatic cleaning: VPOCK DIRECT

To place on the countertop: Yoleo

Yoleo Ice Maker

With this machine you can have ready 12 kilos of ice in 24 hours. If you need cubes quickly, you can make 9 every 8 minutes.

You just have to pour the water into its 1.5 liter tank and check the process from its large plastic window.

Presents some compact dimensions (25x32x30 cm) to put on the kitchen counter. In addition, it is easy to clean: it has a specific program of 150 seconds.

This model is for sale on Amazon for less than 106 euros (105.99).

To take in the car: BEAGHTY

BEAGHTY ice maker

This little ice maker can be plugged in to the car’s 12V socket (popularly known as lighter). It will be your ideal companion on trips.

It is non-slip and the base plate uses anti-slip technology. temperature control smart to ensure continuous cooling.

In addition, the cup is aluminum suitable for food use. You can pour the drink directly for quick cooling or place a can or bottle inside to keep it cold.

Now, you can get it on Amazon for 156 euros.



This ice machine sweeps Amazon. It is the best-selling of all e-commerce and has a rating among its customers of 4.4 stars out of a maximum of 5 (all outstanding).

Stand out because you can ice of two sizes: in a small shape ideal for snacking or larger and in a spherical shape to cool drinks.

In 24 hours you can get 12 kilos of ice: about 9 large cubes for each cycle of 6-10 minutes.

They assure that it is very silent (according to official data it emits only 45 decibels), easy to transport (it weighs 7 kilos and has compact dimensions: 31.3×22.2×32 cm) and is very safe since it turns itself off if you have to replenish water or if it is already full.

In addition, it is one of the cheapest: it is on Amazon for 189 euros and they guarantee shipping in a couple of days (less than 48 hours if you have the Prime option).

Top Rated: NETTA

NETTA ice maker

This ice maker is the best rated from all over Amazon (4.6 stars and counting in positive reviews).

It is a machine with a water tank of 1.8 liters that will allow you to make more than 12 kilos of ice a day: 1.8 kilos in each cycle.

Includes a removable basket and shovel to serve the ice. It weighs 7.5 kilos and is designed to be placed on the countertop: its dimensions are 31x23x32 centimeters.

In addition, now it has a 4% discount on Amazon and it can be yours for 152 euros, with the possibility of financing it in 4 installments.

With automatic cleaning: VPOCK DIRECT


This machine makes two different ice cubes: large and round for drinks (they melt more slowly and do not water the cups) or smaller for other uses.

In each cycle of 6 minutes, you can have 9 cubes ready and in 24 hours you will be able to accumulate no less than 12 kilos of ice. Ready for any party, after party included.

In addition, this machine stands out for its automatic cleaning system 30 minutes long. It saves energy since, with its infrared system, it detects that it is full and stops and, when removing ice, it makes cubes again.

This VPOCK DIRECT brand product costs 154.77 euros, but now Amazon offers you a discount check of 20 euros (hurry up because it’s for a limited time).

The fridge freezer (which also has more limited space) it can take hours to get a simple tray of ice cubes.

All these machines do not need no specific plumbing installation. Just connect to the electrical network and ready.

They are of a compact size. So you can easily transport them from one place to another. Remember that, with the Prime option, shipping is free and on many products delivery takes less than 24 hours.

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