Hélène Mannarino: this embarrassing moment when Cyril Hanouna revealed the name of his companion live

Hélène Mannarino: this embarrassing moment when Cyril Hanouna revealed the name of his companion live

In 2018, Hélène Mannarino had an unfortunate moment. Cyril Hanouna then revealed the name of his companion directly. Narrative.

It is an episode that marked Hélène Mannarino. The violence of the remarks and the revelation of her private life is far from having left her indifferent. The story dates back to December 2018. Cyril Hanouna was then at the helm of a number of Do not touch My TV. The debate of the day focused on the skills of Hélène Mannarino. Or rather on his lack of competence, according to Matthieu Delormeau. The columnist had not really worked on this program, however, since he did not even know who the host of the Big Quiz – broadcast this Saturday August 8 on TF1. “It’s fashionable now. A girl is pretty for three seconds, she’s never done anything in her life, she’s pretty so she’s got talent. So the Iris Mittenaere, Tatiana Silva who makes the weather… I don’t know who it is, me, it must be a vase among the others, I don’t know!“, he insisted vehemently.

Words that caused the hilarity of Cyril Hanouna. And for good reason, he had information that his columnist did not have: “She is the companion of one of the bosses of C8“, he let go to embarrass Matthieu Delormeau – which, by the way, worked wonderfully. At the time, the TF1 journalist was indeed in a relationship with Vincent Pujol. Through a friend that Hélène Mannarino got wind of this affair, while she was on the train, returning from filming. Neither one nor two, her first instinct was to call her father. “He had seen it live and was devastated“, remembered the main interested party with the magazine QG in 2021. Three years after the events, Hélène Mannarino still struggled so much to digest both the violence of Matthieu Delormeau and the fact that Cyril Hanouna has publicly displayed his private life.

What particularly “bothered” Hélène Mannarino

My first concern was not that people say on the air ‘she’s in a relationship with the guy from C8’, but ‘My parents, damn… My brothers and sisters, my aunts, my uncles.. .’ When can he afford to say that, he who has never done anything in his life? If he had just said ‘ah well I don’t know her’ but there, it was violent“, lamented the 32-year-old journalist. And if she knew that talking about her personal life “was a risk“Because of her profession, Hélène Mannarino does not understand the point of having spoken about it at this precise moment.”What bothered me is that it didn’t bring anything, in fact. It’s free“, she regretted. And to outbid: “I realized what it could mean to be on the air, to go on television. You can get destroyed like this, for no reason“. Especially with Cyril Hanouna’s band.

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