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From Snow White in the “9th company” to the investigator, from loneliness to motherhood. Main roles of Irina Rakhmanova

Irina Rakhmanova’s film career began with an episode in the bathhouse in the cult film “Brother 2”, and a year later the actress played a major role in the film “Two Drivers Were Driving” by Alexander Kott. “At the audition, a boy with glasses, who later turned out to be a director, asked: “Do you know how to swear?” Having collected all my vocabulary of curses, I sent an operator to a well-known address and two months later received a message on a pager: “Irina, you have been approved for the role. Alexander Kott. Moreover, the cassette with these samples is still hidden from me, which today is the only existing compromising evidence in my biography, ”the star sneered.

All this could never happen, because in her youth the artist believed that theater and cinema were the lot of the elite. What made Rakhmanova change her mind, and how did her personal life develop? On August 6, the star turns 41, and we recall her biography.

Path to cinema

The parents of our heroine were waiting for their son, whom they planned to name Sasha. When a daughter was born, the Rakhmanovs named her after … the sister of Boris Godunov. The family lived in Korolev, near Moscow, and among the local boys, Irina was known as a ringleader and a hooligan. At school, the girl was bored, and in the middle classes she even stood on the verge of expulsion. An outlet for Ira was the Youth Theater, where her brother worked as an illuminator.

“I began to come to them, to watch performances. I was 13 years old. Everyone spoke differently there, they treated each other and me differently, not at all like at school. My peers at that time were in a turbulent period, they experimented with alcohol, hormones played. And in the theater people discussed books, performances, films. The contrast with ordinary life was bright, ”the actress shared.

In fact, Rakhmanova became the lighting assistant along with her brother and his best friend. She planned to study as a lighting designer or make-up artist, but in the end she decided to get her education at the acting department of the International Slavic Institute, where she entered with a friend. “Like in any theater university, they didn’t tell anything about cinema there, they only prepared for the stage,” Irina explained.

In the film

In the film “Two Drivers Were Driving,” the actress played the impregnable owner of the Ford.

Only after the second year did the student realize what she really wanted. The teacher Lyudmila Ivanova, fortunately, encouraged the pupils in their desire to act, so she let Rakhmanova go to the site “Brother 2” and “Two drivers were driving.”

“Balabanov has only one shooting day, and I remember how I came home in the evening with the feeling that I had lived a great life. So much happened that day. And I realized that I want to live in this new life. I love everything on the set. I like the process itself, the way everything is organized, what the frame is built from, ”the actress admitted.

The artist noted that her career could have turned out differently if she had met other directors at the initial stage. Balabanov turned out to be very kind and sensitive: at lunch he went around the extras, asking if everyone had time to eat, he made sure that the episodes did not climb into the cold water of the pool, but waited for it to warm up. “If I signed up for a project, then my attitude will not change whether it is a festival movie or a passing series. I will work the same way, because it’s still my job, and I love it. Honesty and respect are basic things, ”Irina developed such principles in herself after collaborating with the legendary playwright.

sidereal time

After a bright debut, the directors paid attention to Rakhmanova, so in 2003 she got the main role in the melodrama Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow. The wide popularity covered the actress thanks to the fans of the detectives Daria Dontsova: the audience liked how Irina reincarnated as Viola Tarakanova in the series. For the provocative heroine of the “9th company” Snow White, the artist received the Golden Aries award at all.

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Later, the star appeared in minor roles in Palmist, Heat and the film Peter FM. Rakhmanova played the key heroines in Runaways, Love of Aurora and Narkomovsky Convoy. An unusual experience for the actress was shooting in Vangelia, where she reincarnated as the famous Bulgarian seer. But the appearance in the drama “Battalion” returned the artist to her usual environment, because she flashed more than once in military films.

On the site of the

On the site of the “9th company” Rakhmanova had to overcome embarrassment and pose naked

However, then a certain stagnation occurred in the filmography, because Irina did not have any significant roles for several years. “I got into the most disadvantageous age in Russia,” the star reasoned last year. – It is in Europe that they love movies about adults who live here and now, and not just about young and long-legged beauties. Although something began to change. My flagship is Anya Mikhalkova. She turns the movie in the right direction. I rejoice in this. First, she is an amazing actress. Secondly, she is a living, normal person. They began to shoot films about “ordinary women” with her. We have little about forty-year-olds, but there was in Soviet cinema. The spectator identifies himself with the characters, and these are not only 20-year-old girls with flying hair. We joke with colleagues that comical old women are waiting for us. This niche is free.”

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However, Irina was modest, because since 2019 she played a senior investigator in “Detective for a Million”, this year she appeared in the film “Passengers. The last love on Earth”, and now starring in the project “Sokolova suspects everyone”, and in the title role.

Secrets of personal life

Averin noted that he would not meet with colleagues in the shop

Averin noted that he would not meet with colleagues in the shop

The actress belongs to celebrities who carefully hide their personal lives, so fans have to build their own theories. So, in 2012, the artist was noticed with the star of “Capercaillie” Maxim Averin, and the couple was instantly credited with an affair. However, the inveterate bachelor was no stranger to him: he was suspected in connection with Maria Kulikova, Victoria Tarasova, Anna Yakunina and many other film partners.

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Tired of questions about family and sexual orientation, a few years ago, the artist nevertheless mentioned that she had a beloved man. The stamps in the passport meant nothing to a modern woman, so it was said that she was not going to play a wedding. According to another version, Irina has long been married to a musician.

In 2017, the actress surprised fans with her appearance: at the premiere of New Year Trees, Irina appeared in a loose-fitting gray jumpsuit that hid her plump figure. Considering that the star had previously told reporters about the fear of gaining weight and kept slim for years, the change seemed unexpected.

Haters rejoiced early: last year, Rakhmanova returned to her previous form. In addition, she had good reasons to gain weight – at 35, the star gave birth to a son. “There was a pause. But in the cinema, after all, as it happens: the child has already grown up, went to school, and everyone thinks that you are on maternity leave. I went to the playground for the first time when my son was four months old. I took him with me. He slept with his grandmother in the trailer, and I went to him between shots. I went to shoot with Dmitry Meskhiev when my son was about a year old. It’s not difficult at all, ”the artist reasoned.

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As Irina noted, all the pauses in the filming were filled by a child. “I spend a lot of time with my son. In upbringing, I start from its features. My ambitions, desires and ideas are crushed to dust. Everything that we have not learned in life before motherhood has to be intense, ”the star emphasized.

Although Irina still does not talk about the second half, fans are sure that she is not alone. The star successfully combines the upbringing of a child with filming, but approaches roles selectively. “I refuse some offers if I understand that the work does not make sense. And I’m still waiting for something, ”Rakhmanova summed up.

According to the materials of “MK”, ​​”KP”.

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