China punishes the US for Pelosi's trip

China punishes the US for Pelosi’s trip

China announced that suspends cooperation in the repatriation of illegal immigrants, in criminal judicial assistance, in drug control, in the fight against transnational crimes and the talks on the fight against climate change of the two countries. In addition, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported the cancellation of telephone calls between the leaders of military commands and of the working meetings between the Defense portfolios of both powers, and those of the Military Maritime Security Consultation Mechanism.

Added to this, The Foreign Ministry also announced personal sanctions against Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and her direct family members, for ignoring China’s concern and firm opposition to her trip to Taiwan and undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Asian country.

“Despite China’s strong opposition and serious concern, Pelosi insisted on going to Taiwan, which is interference with China’s internal affairs and undermines the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Last week, when Pelosi’s visit was only a possibility advanced by US media, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Joe Biden had a phone call in which Xi asked Biden not to play with fire. regarding Taiwan.

In line with such sanctions, in March this year, Beijing placed visa restrictions on an unpublished list of US officials whom it accused of fabricating lies about human rights issues involving China.

The White House affirmed this Friday that it wants to keep the lines of communication open with China, despite the crisis triggered by the visit this week of the president of the US House of Representatives to Taiwan. National Security Council Communications Coordinator John Kirby urged China to do the same and try to keep those lines open.

Without wanting to lose relations with the Asian giant, the White House stresses that it recognizes Chinese sovereignty. “Finally, we make it clear once again, as we have done privately at the highest level and publicly: nothing has changed in our One China policy.”Kirby said, alluding to the US position of acknowledging the Chinese view that Taiwan is part of its territory.

On the other hand, Kirby called Chinese decisions irresponsible. “We condemn the military actions of the PRC, which are irresponsible, contrary to our long-standing goal of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” Kirby said. “We made it clear to the ambassador that Beijing’s actions are of concern to Taiwan, to us and to our partners around the world,” He added and highlighted the concern of the G7, the group that brings together the largest Western economies, and the Asian regional grouping ASEAN.

Kirby regretted that China stops cooperating in the fight against the climate crisis and established that not only the US is being punished, but also the whole world. He recalled that China is the largest polluting emitter and that it is refusing to collaborate when implementing crucial decisions to fight the climate crisis. In addition, he established that it affects US partners such as the Pacific islands, which face rising seas, or contribute to the fires in Europe.

Pelosi washes her hands

Nancy Pelosi denied today in Tokyo that her trip to Taiwan harms the interests of the island, and condemned, together with the Japanese leader, Fumio Kishida, the launches of Chinese missiles that fell into exclusive economic waters of Japan.

In a press conference, Pelosi accused Beijing of using her visit to the island as an excuse for her actions and denied that her stay in Taiwan harmed the territory. “Our delegation does not seek to change the ‘status quo’ in Asia or Taiwan, but rather to show respect to these visited countries, to have peace in the Taiwan Strait and for the current ‘status quo’ to prevail, based on respect for the island’s autonomy. ”, Pelosi declared that she praised Taiwan’s development by calling it one of the freest countries in the world.

During the meeting between Pelosi and Kishida this Friday, the Japanese president conveyed to the US congresswoman the archipelago’s concern about this conflict and confirmed their cooperation to ensure that the peace and stability they maintain in the Taiwan Strait, according to the head of Japanese government.

“China’s behavior has a serious impact on peace and stability in the region and the world,” Kishida said, calling for an immediate halt to the maneuvers through diplomatic channels.

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