Bionic reading and why you should be using this method to save time

The human being always seeks to overcome his own physical limits. Is it possible to read faster than our own eyes? It seems that if…

Perhaps you had not thought about it, but whether you like reading or not, we spend the day reading texts. WhatsApp, web pages, social networks, etc.

Reading involves seeing the letters with our eyes, and having the brain interpret them into words and phrases that we can understand.

Our brain is a “machine” when it comes to accelerating repetitive tasks, and since we spend all day reading, he is very good at this task. so good, that it is able to understand words faster than our own eyes. That is what bionic reading is based on.

The bionic reading part of the premise that We use two levels of reading: ocular and cerebral. We can check it ourselves. For example, it is much more difficult for us to read and understand a page of a book full of sentences without periods and apart, than a text organized in paragraphs of 3 or 4 lines, like this news. This is because the brain works differently from the eyes.

According to the creators of Bionic Reading or bionic readingthe brain has a stored dictionary of words that it can detect just by reading the first letters of each word.

Therefore, bionic reading consists in transforming the text so that it looks like this:

The trick to make it work is that you don’t have to read the whole word, just what is highlighted in black.

Reading should flow from the bold letters of one word to the bold letters of another. The brain will fill in the missing information.

If we do it right, we’ll get into what they call The Zone. An effect similar to that produced when we move so fast that it seems that the world is slowing down around us. The reading will flow quickly without the need to read the entire text.

Compared to other speed reading methods. the advantage of bionic reading is that it does not require training or learning complex rules.

But each person is a world, and the method does not work the same for everyone. There are people who claim that they really speed up reading, and others believe that it is too robotic, and the information is not retained as well. Perhaps it is more suitable for casual reading, rather than study.

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The problem that we see is that today Internet texts already have whole words highlighted in bold, and go now to read “half words” in bold, it becomes very strange.

But it’s free, so you don’t lose anything by trying. On the Bionic Reading website you have a web application to convert any text to bionic reading, and also a chrome extension. You can adjust parameters such as the number of letters of each word that are highlighted in bold, and much more.

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