Why hiccups occur and the best remedies to remove them

Why hiccups occur and the best remedies to remove them

One of the worst moments that we frequently experience are the well-known hiccup attacks that often come at the worst moments and do not usually disappear so quickly.

Hiccups usually appear suddenly and we all know how annoying it can be. Although hiccups usually resolve over time, people can try some other trick that we are going to give you to solve it.

Physiologically, hiccups occurs when the diaphragm and intercostal muscles suddenly contract involuntarily. The larynx contracts at the same time and the vocal cords close, blocking air inlet and outlet.

The exact cause of hiccups is not always known. However, any condition that irritates the diaphragmatic nerves can cause hiccups. Also Many other factors can influence such as eating very quickly, drinking hot liquids or soda… etc.

If the hiccups don’t go away within a few days, they’re called “persistent.” If it lasts for several months, it is called “untreatable.” The latter type may be part of a larger underlying medical problem and may not go away until that problem is corrected.

As we all know, in the vast majority of cases, the hiccups go away on their own in a few minutes. Even so, if you see that it lasts too long and even becomes painful, we leave you some tricks.

breathing and posture: Regardless of where you are, when the hiccups start you can try inhaling for 10 seconds, hold your breath for a few seconds and release gently. So several times.

You can also bring your knees up to your chest and hug them. On the other hand, you can drink some liquid or eat something. Finally, they also advise gargling with cold water so that this annoying moment passes quickly.

However, be careful with the times because if the hiccups last more than a few days, you should go to the doctor. When hiccups occur at the same time as symptoms such as headache, difficulty maintaining balance or numbness, see your doctor immediately.

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