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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Epidemist Abilities Introduced, 7th Class DLC

Waiting for a next Borderlandsit’s the spin off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands which appeared earlier this year and which has not yet said its last word, since it has one last DLCs to appear. Treacherous Ophid, Junk Food Sauce and Extraction attempt have already appeared, but Shattering Spectreglass he is slow to show up, no doubt because he will be accompanied by the 7th class of the game, theEpidemic.

Well, this new class has been featured on the official website, with its entire skill tree having been uploaded as well.

The Epidemic class can be accessed through Vesper All Will Be Alright, the fourth chapter of post-launch content included in the Season Pass and the Marvelous Chaos Edition. Those who own Vesper All Will Be Fine, which will be released soon, will be able to play as the Epidemic in addition to the six base classes included in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. With even more Multiclass combinations to discover, playing as the Epidemic will open the doors to a world full of deadly poisons and powerful elemental powers at the hands of fate across the entire realm.

The Epidemic Class Achievement, Whisper of Decay, relies on its mastery of the elements: when you apply a status effect to an enemy, you will gain a volley of increased elemental damage for a given duration. By combining status effects on groups of enemies or particularly tough bosses, you can increase the elemental damage dealt by your weapons and fully devastate your enemies and surroundings.

Chaining status effects is a piece of cake thanks to Putrid Storm action skill from the Epidemic, which unleashes a maelstrom of toxic fumes that continuously inflicts poison damage in a specific area of ​​effect for a set duration. Any enemy dumb enough to stay in this gas cloud will be riddled with elemental bolts that increase in power based on the out-of-ability damage you deal.

If you’re looking for a pet that fills the role of a stationary turret raining death down on any enemies that dare approach it, Swamp Totem Action Skill is the ideal solution for you. Summon this deeply eerie-looking root, which will send a procession of spirits down upon your enemies, exploding on impact and dealing elemental damage based on the type of your equipped weapon. Killing an enemy will increase the duration of the Swamp Totem’s effect, so you can continue to shower paranormal damage on the hordes of enemies you face by using it wisely and placing it intelligently.

You can view the full Epidemic skill tree on the Epidemic Game Guide page. Here are some of the passive skills that will allow you to unleash all the fury of the swamps:

  • Weighting allows you to benefit from increased damage proportional to the charge of your shield. This skill is great to pair with the Ectoplasmic Armor elimination skill which restores part of your shield each time you eliminate an enemy.
  • Boost bolsters the Epidemic’s shield-based abilities, applying a combinable bonus to your movement speed and shield regeneration whenever you apply an Electric status effect. The Epidemic skill tree includes specific passives for each type of elemental damage, to allow you to diversify your skills if you don’t want to focus only on Poison.
  • Spectral Swarm Gives you a chance to summon a cloud of enraged spectral apparitions whenever you apply a status effect. You can let them unleash their fury freely or target specific enemies and unleash the Spectral Swarm on them. If you choose to create a Multiclass character with another class that has a familiar (Slamstorm, Sow Death or Sporodder) and an Epidemic using Swamp Totem and Spectral Swarm, you can have no less than three familiars will attend at the same time!

The Epidemic will be available when Vesper is next released so all will be well. In the meantime, discover all it has to offer and don’t hesitate to start thinking about creating your new Hand of Fate, based on the Epidemic and his undeniable mastery of the elements!

We therefore learn in passing the French name of the 4th DLCs very different from its English title, Hope everything will be fine. Now all that’s left to do is wait. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is otherwise always sold at the Fnac in its various editions.

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