Threats against CFK: They request the arrest of the accused and point against the Buenos Aires Police

Threats against CFK: They request the arrest of the accused and point against the Buenos Aires Police

“The serious characteristics of the episodes cannot be overlooked” that included death threats “out loud in a public place or of public access to the Vice President of the Nation and her familywhich undeniably provokes violence and more, even against the figure of the president of the Senate and second in line of succession of the Executive Power of the Nation,” said the prosecutor Leonel Gomez Barbella by requesting the arrest of the man who led a protest with intimidation in front of the Patria Institute on July 21 last afternoon. The opinion of the prosecution also requests the investigation for aggravated cover-up of an agent of the City Police who was in charge of the security of the place, where there were other uniformed men with whom the aggressor had a friendly chat and a previous relationship could be noticed. None of the police officers present at the time tried to stop the man amid the threatening shouts.

The arrest request is based not only on the criminal scale of the crime (aggravated coercive threat), but also on the seriousness of the facts and on the fact that the person showed close ties, also pointed out by witnesses, with the personnel of the Buenos Aires police, which that could imply a risk of escape or obstruction of the investigation, according to the statement of the prosecution. The decision, now, is in the hands of the judge Manuel De Campos. The original complaint was filed by the prosecutor Monica Cuarroupon becoming aware of the events, which were made public by the circulation of a video, and where the man in question is seen –gray-haired, wearing light-colored pants and something similar to a white apron– with a megaphone in his hand and He is heard awarding phrases to the vice president such as that he killed the population with the vaccine, with water and multi-processed foods and emphasizing “you did nothing to protect us and now it’s your turn to hang”, “the only way to get rid of you, of all your accomplices, your son and all the garbage that governs us”, “we are going to kick your ass out” and “We are going to hang you in front of the Instituto Patria” or “if not before the Senate.”

After shaking his fist at one of the policemen, the man added sentences along the same lines: “We are going to look for them with machine guns to liquidate them immediately and hang them… we are going to find them right where we find them… We’re going to kill them all.” Cuñarro warned, just by seeing the images, that the police officers present did nothing “to stop the flagrant action by intervening” with the prosecutor on duty, on the contrary, they treated the individual with familiarity. They filed a complaint later for damages and for dirtying the public space. When the Gómez Barbella prosecutor’s office requested the list of policemen who had been there, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Justice and Security sent only the name of the agent in charge of the rest, who was summoned to the investigation, Tamara Stephanie Sosa.

“It is easy to appreciate that regardless of having formed a summary for a violation and for the crime of damage, the images do not allow in any way to justify the inaction of part of the responsible security force personnel, at that time and place, where committed the crime,” says Gómez Barbella.

The Patria Institute itself had filed a complaint in the federal jurisdiction, which fell to the judge Daniel Rafecas and to the prosecutor Carlos Stormelli, but which has not even gone through the process of ratification. Gómez Barbella states in his opinion that, based on the information available to date, it would not be a matter of federal jurisdiction since the normal functioning of the institutions was not endangered and the man who made the threats seemed to be show a particular motivation. From what has been investigated about him so far, no link with any political force has emerged, but some old expressions on social networks referring to covid vaccines have. The prosecutor insisted on the text on the relevance of acting quickly and clearing the case, and even recalled files on threats against Mauricio Macri Y Maria Eugenia Vidal where the same procedure was followed, beyond the cases of insane arrests carried out by the police under the command of Patricia Bullrich.

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