Serge MassaMinister of Economy, was escrachado in Santa Fe while participating in an act with the president, Alberto Fernandez, to inaugurate the train that connects Rosario with Cañada de Gómez, a formation that did not work 45 years ago. At the end of the show, Massa approached the people who surrounded the place and was surprised by the bad comments he received. The scratch it went viral.

“Hello, Sergio!” Was the first sentence exclaimed by the elderly women to attract the interest of the superminister who did not hesitate to approach to greet his fans as if he were a rock star. “How are you, jet?” Neighbors in the area told him closely, at that moment, the official’s face changed from joy to dismay at the unexpected messages. The video was uploaded to Twitter.

“Delinquent, aren’t you ashamed to inaugurate a train from prehistory?”, fired one of the ladies who were waiting behind the fences and Massa answered in a very low voice: “The train is not mine”. Then, he decided to go to the side, where there was another group of like-minded people who waited for him to greet him pleasantly.

“He’s a cheeky Massa,” said another man pointing to him and the women closed the escrache shouting: “They rob us, the workers rob us!!!«. He is not the only official who received insults from Argentines in the street, Mirta Tundis, another Massista deputy, was also insulted in the vicinity of Congress for low pensions.

Massa was the only one who did not speak at that act. In the previous days he was criticized after his assumption in the Ministry of Economy for having overshadowed Fernández. Therefore, the former mayor of Tigre decided to take a secondary role in this act, however, people reminded him of the poor results of the Government in economic and social matters in an unhappy way.

Source: Elintransigente

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