Cortadi, the assaulted judge.

They denied the release of the aggressor of the referee

Verónica Vidal, judge of Guarantees of Tres Arroyos, rejected the request of Cristian Tirone’s lawyer for the accused to be released and await the oral trial in freedom for the crime of aggression against the referee Dalma Magalí Cortadi, during the match that Deportivo Garmense faced Independencia in González Chaves, for the Third Division of the Tres Arroyos League.

Now, Tirone’s defender may appeal to the Chamber of Bahía Blanca and request that his client’s freedom be considered, but there are no deadlines for that judicial resolution. In any case, the substantive issue, the responsibility of the accused in the act, is not under discussion. You can request a morigeration or even house arrest, but without resolution deadlines.

Cortadi, the assaulted judge.

Within 15 days, the Prosecutor’s Office must formalize the request for an oral trial, which will be held regardless of whether Tirone’s appeal allows him to be released until the conclusion of the debate.

Last Thursday, Vidal had responded favorably to the request of prosecutors Gabriel Palazzo and Juan Carlos Uztarroz to convert the arrest into detention, since legally Tirone could not be held prisoner for more than 72 hours. This Friday, the situation of the accused was complicated.

The video of the assault

The trial of Tirone, 34, could take place next January. The defendant does not carry a record and that favors him. The crime for which he is accused is minor injuries triply aggravated by treachery, due to the victim’s status as a woman and for having been committed during the performance of a sports show in an ideal contest.

Tirone has already received sporting sanctions. First, Garmense kicked him out of the club for life. Later, the Aprevide determined that he will never again be able to participate, not even as a spectator, in a sporting event in the province of Buenos Aires. And on Thursday the Tres Arroyos League expelled him from the entity. Then, the AFA, because it is a resolution of an indirectly affiliated entity, increases that sanction to the entire country.

And since the AFA is affiliated with FIFA, Tirone is also suspended from Zurich to play football in any Federation that is part of its orbit.

Cortadi, the same Sunday as the brutal attack, spoke with Ole, still dizzy from the impact of the blow from the kick. “You have to throw him out forever. He should never be in any club. He is a person who is violent, he must also do it in his daily life. Then I saw it in the video, because at that moment I was a little stunned at the beginning. A normal person does not do this. No person deserves this, we are not going to be beaten. I hope he pays for what he did, “said the woman.


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