These are the foods that add more and less minutes to your life expectancy, according to a study

These are the foods that add more and less minutes to your life expectancy, according to a study

These foods that you are consuming every week are taking minutes from your life, and you should start limiting them.

Having a good diet is essential for our health, both in the short and long term, and that is why always surrounding yourself with the best foods is essential to live for many years, and sometimes a simple change of diet can add a few extra years to our lives.

And now researchers at the University of Michigan, via TheSun, have calculated the health burden of different foods dividing them between those that add extra minutes to our life and those that are taking away minutes of existence for each unit consumed, and that can end up being a problem.

And when it comes to those foods that add extra minutes to our lives, we have some standouts like a serving of walnuts that can add almost 26 minutes to a person’s life, too. a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that can give us an extra 33 minutes of lifea banana with 13 minutes more life or a baked salmon with 13.5 minutes more life per unit consumed.

But the thing is different in those foods that are subtracting minutes from our lives by consuming them on a regular basis.

For example, eating bacon is taking 6.4 minutes off our life, eating that pizza we like so much on the weekends takes 7.8 minutes off our life, a double cheeseburger is taking almost 9 minutes off our life per consumed unit, a sugary soft drink is taking more than 12 minutes of life and for example a hot dog is taking more than 36 minutes per dog consumed.

In this way, a person who, for example, does not have a good diet balance and only eats junk food and sugary drinks, could end up losing several years of his life for having had this diet.

In any case, these studies are very delicate given that each person is a world, but it does at least allow us to know those foods that you should avoid eating on a regular basis so that it does not affect your health in the long term.


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