«Чтобы лапы были целы»: Шубенков о приоритетах на сезон, нежелании враждовать, хитрости Коу и романтике бега с барьерами

“There has not yet been an adult season in his life”: why Savlukov could not break the Russian record at a distance of 400 meters

Savely Savlukov won the gold medal in the 400m at the Russian Athletics Championships in Cheboksary. From a talented young man, they expected a country record, which belongs to Viktor Markin and has been holding for 42 years. But in the final, he showed a time one second worse than the result of the Olympic champion. As coach Sergei Klevtsov explained, the failure is primarily due to the inexperience of his ward. The athlete spends his first adult season and has not yet learned how to distribute forces. However, the winner of the tournament has great potential, and in the future he will still surprise everyone.

The third day of the Russian Athletics Championship had every chance of becoming historical in a special way: at a distance of 400 meters, Savely Savlukov intended to surpass the oldest track and field record – the achievement of Viktor Markin (44.60 seconds), set 42 years ago at the Moscow Olympics. This was talked about so often and so much throughout the season that the record run was taken for granted.

Alas, the expectations of the fans did not come true: the starting fuse for Sergey Klevtsov’s ward was only enough for the first half of the distance. After that, he was covered so that Savlukov reached the mixed zone, barely standing on his feet, and was extremely laconic. As the athlete admitted, he felt extremely bad and hard, he does not understand the reason for what happened and, accordingly, cannot explain what happened. He squeezed out some semblance of joy about the victory, but immediately added: “This is the minimum program. The result is something for children – 45.63 … “

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While the champion was recovering, I talked to his coach. Unlike Savely, his mentor was not too tuned in to the fact that a record could indeed happen in the final.

“In May-June, everything worked out much better for us, such a good accelerator went on, and I expected, to be honest, that Markin’s record would be beaten even then. But for a number of reasons, Savva decided that it was too early for him to run fast. This youth, of course, lack of experience. In addition, I have never been inclined to put pressure on an athlete – it doesn’t matter if we are talking about such an experienced athlete as Sergey Shubenkov, or about the young Savlukov. So I didn’t manage to explain in time that all processes in the body are rather inert. And there is no need to artificially slow them down, to postpone the result for later, ”explained Klevtsov.

The coach looked into the water. At the youth championship of Russia, Savlukov pulled his knee ligaments, which is why he could not even run the relay. Then the injury was healed, but time was lost, the form began to decline. And the arguments about the intentions to update the Russian record migrated to the theoretical category.

According to Klevtsov, Savely could still “exchange” 45 seconds in Cheboksary, but it was worth doing it in the semi-finals, when there was more freshness. But there Savlukov ran the distance in 45.98. And for the third round, according to the coach, the guy simply did not have enough health.

Continuing to explain the reasons for the performance, which was not very successful, despite the gold medal, Klevtsov drew attention to Savlukov’s inexperience.

“Savva hasn’t been training with me for too long. Before he came, his career was first children’s sports and a distance of 800 meters, and then two years of deep stagnation. In other words, he hasn’t had a real adult season yet in his life. And everything that happens to an athlete for the first time is frightening. A person does not understand how it is possible to drag the season from May to August, although this is a common practice in serious athletics. Therefore, it takes time to get to all this with your head, ”the specialist added.

When Savlukov came to his senses a little and caught his breath, he admitted that he had a rather vague idea of ​​​​how to save his strength until the Spartakiad. Saveliy finished last season in July, and the current experience turned out to be not only new for him, but rather painful. It was evident that he really did not understand how he could accumulate strength and regain his former lightness.

Klevtsov rather ironically remarked to this question that any coach can train muscles, but it is completely useless to do this when the head is not ready for performances.

“Savely is a talented person, with a good combination of speed and endurance. 400 meters is an interesting distance in this regard. And they come to her in different ways. You can take the example of Michael Johnson, who went to a longer run from a hundred meters, or, on the contrary, remember Alberto Juantorena, who combined 400 and 800. Savely also came to 400 from a longer distance, and this suggests that he has a good reserve for the development of speed qualities. But for this you need to do sprints. Our goal is not to beat Markin’s record, but to run 400 meters in 43 seconds. Otherwise, it’s just not interesting … ”, the coach added, when the student was led to the podium for an honestly earned reward.

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