The Insider and Bellingcat named the Russian soldier who tortured and killed a Ukrainian prisoner of war.  They claim that this is a 29-year-old Tuvan from the Akhmat battalion

The Insider and Bellingcat named the Russian soldier who tortured and killed a Ukrainian prisoner of war. They claim that this is a 29-year-old Tuvan from the Akhmat battalion


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Investigation Team Bellingcat and edition The Insider established personality Russian soldier who was filmed with the torture and murder of a Ukrainian prisoner of war.

We are talking about three videos that were published in pro-Kremlin telegram channels at the end of July. The videos consistently recorded bullying of a man in Ukrainian military uniform, who was allegedly taken prisoner, as well as his murder. According to investigators, the identity of the victim remains unknown, since his face cannot be seen on the video.

Attention, further description of scenes of violence

In the first video, two men in military uniform are holding what is believed to be a Ukrainian prisoner of war on the ground. At this time, the operator and a man in a cowboy hat are watching what is happening.

In the second recording, an alleged Russian military man in a cowboy hat cuts off part of the prisoner’s genitals with a clerical knife.

In the third video, a prisoner is killed by a shot in the head. The shooter is believed to be a man in a cowboy hat.

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After analyzing the videos, the journalists came to the conclusion that they are genuine, do not contain visible signs of editing or forgery. At the same time, Bellingcat notes that the authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed by technical means due to the low resolution and lack of metadata.

Due to the quality of the videos, journalists could not use the videos to identify the participants in the murder either. However, by the characteristic cowboy hat and black bracelet, they found the main participant in this crime in other rollerblading best quality, which distributed pro-Kremlin media. On part of the commercials, the investigation team also noticed a white sedan with a black Z on the door. The same car appears in the videos with the murder of a prisoner.

The Insider and Bellingcat concluded that the soldier in the hat serves in the Chechen Akhmat battalion: he often appeared with the fighters of the group in the same videos of pro-Kremlin publications and Telegram channels. Including in a video filmed on the territory of the Azot plant in Severodonetsk.

Screenshots from a documentary by the pro-Kremlin YouTube channel Investigations and Portraits showing a soldier wearing a hat in various locations along with other Akhmat fighters.

Having received a clear portrait of a military man from one of the videos with Akhmat fighters, the journalists, using several facial recognition services, found his pages on social networks. According to investigators, this is a Tuvan Ochur-Suge Mongush. He was born in 1993. Previously, judging by the photos from social networks, he worked in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The journalists managed to find Mongush’s phone number and talk to him. He denied involvement in the torture caught on the video, but confirmed that the man in the cowboy hat on the recordings with the Akhmat battalion, including on the territory of Azot, was he. At the same time, Mongush stated that very many people have such a hat, and he has never seen the car that appears in the torture video.

Mongush, on the one hand, said that he returned to Russia “more than a month ago” after serving in Akhmat in Ukraine. On the other hand, that he never held a weapon in his hands, but simply accompanied Russian journalists. At the same time, investigators found several photos on social networks where Mongush demonstrates weapons.

According to the military, the video with his participation was edited. Immediately after the video with the murder of a prisoner appeared, Mongush said, he received a call from journalist friends. He told them that the video was fabricated, then he was advised to come to the FSB and show travel sheets, which indicate the dates when he arrived and left.

Mongush claims that he was held in the FSB for two days, they made sure that the video was fabricated, and then they said that, in fact, this video was uploaded by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fell into the hands of Ukrainians when they found the criminal who raped a 10-year-old child.

Mongush also insisted that the FSB told him the place of the murder of the prisoner – the Privolye sanatorium in the Lugansk region. Investigators came to the same conclusion after analyzing videos of the murder.

“One way or another, Mongush’s confessions are very important: before talking with him, it was precisely established that the person in the Akhmatov’s video from the Azot plant is the same person who appears in the video with torture, and also that he is very similar to of this torturer, a man named Mongush fought in Akhmat, but there was a hypothetical possibility that two very similar people of Mongoloid appearance were fighting in Akhmat. However, Mongush’s admission that the man in the hat in the video from the Azot plant is him eliminates all last doubts, ”notes The Insider.

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