Green light for the energy saving plan: public buildings and shop windows will not be able to have lighting from 10 p.m.

The Government tries to make its energy saving plan viable by summoning the Autonomous Communities ‘in extremis’

The national controversy generated around the energy saving measures that will come into force next Wednesday, August 10, have forced the Government to make a didactic and, at the same time, exculpatory effort.

The Minister for the Ecological Transition has summoned the autonomous communities on Tuesday to resolve the numerous doubts that have arisen regarding the application of the Government’s plan. She has done so this Friday, hours after assuring that the rule “must be applied with the corresponding flexibility.”

Given that the royal decree will enter into force imminently, Theresa Rivera It intends to give answers to the regional technicians to make the provisions viable and in the process tries to reassure public opinion.

The reality is that the savings plan has generated a barrage of questions among professionals who must apply the new guidelines, doubts that range from how to regulate the temperature to lighting management.

But the Government also seeks to shake off criticism for measures that are guided by the European Union, which requires a 7% reduction in energy consumption. And it is that, at this point, it seems clear that there has been precipitation and that communication has failed on a complex and very sensitive issue.

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Although Ribera had planned for days to meet with the autonomies to give them details of the decree and clarify doubts, the fact of doing it in the middle of August and on the eve of the norm coming into force, is something that comes to prove the reason to the PP, even formally. Alberto Nunez Feijoo He denounced from the first moment that there has been a lack of consensus on the text with the communities.

Among those who oppose the measures is the PNV, an ally of Pedro Sanchez this legislature. But some socialist mayors, like Miracles Toulon, have been suspiciously ambiguous. “Toledo will continue to show off the most beautiful panoramic view in the world,” tweeted the mayor with a night view of the capital of Castilla-La Mancha fully illuminated.

poisoned situation

From the Government they argue that, a week ago, Ribera herself informed the regional councilors of the savings plans in two forums: the Sector Conference on the Environment and the Sector Conference on Energy, and that no one objected or raised alternatives. It also sent a communication to the municipalities.

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However, as questions have arisen among those who have to apply the new regulations, the situation has been politically poisoned. The attempts of the Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition to clarify this Friday that the same criteria will not be applied to workers who move as to others who do their work statically have filled the glass of confusion.

The feeling that is beginning to permeate the street is that it has been improvised, that the government decree allows great discretion and that there is a lot of small print to write.

Politically, that gives a breathing space to Isabel Diaz Ayuso. The Madrid president had to back down and assume that she would comply with the law one day after coming out in a storm against a norm whose spirit a majority of citizens could align with.

But what is worse for the PSOE. The case may end up giving Feijóo a new trick.

Source: Elespanol

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