One of the repetitions that Roldán saw.

The audios of the VAR in the penalty not sanctioned to Bou

The first boy in the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores between Vélez and Talleres he had everything. From a frenetic second half with four goals (it ended 3-2 in favor of the Liniers team) until the incidents between the fans of both institutions in the Platea Norte Baja del Amalfitani. And in the middle there was a controversy in which the entire local public claimed a possible penalty from Lucas Suárez to Walter Bou.

After almost four minutes of deliberation and after 35 repetitions, Wilmar Roldán was not carried away by the indications and recommendations of his VAR colleagues and maintained his decision not to sanction the maximum penaltysince he did not observe at any time a deliberate contact of the defender of the T against the striker from Vélez.

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Although the VAR referees insisted that he review the play over and over again, since they argued that “there is a slight contact” that the Colombian had not seen on the pitch, Roldán chose not to agree with the help technology and did not change his view regarding the controversy of the night.

The action that the VAR and Roldán reviewed.

The action that the VAR and Roldán reviewed.

The complete audio of the VAR in Vélez – Workshops

VAR: He played the ball it seems.
AVAR: Ball says the referee.
VAR: I want to see this, do not resume.
VAR: Slow, slow motion. Do we have another from behind, from behind the arch? I want to see the arch from behind, from there, that one.

Roldan: He touches it, but first he touches the ball.
VAR: First behind, it seems to me that white plays. Give it to me slowly, very slowly. The foot that is in front is the front foot. This one goes behind and touches it. Give me the first we saw now.

AVAR: Wilmar do not resume.
VAR: Give me reverse, I want reverse, look, who’s playing?

VAR: White plays and then.
AVAR: There is contact from blue, check if there is contact. Do not resume.
VAR: Tracking close to watch, slow motion. There is a blue contact.
AVAR: There, because he says he plays it but doesn’t play the ball. You can invite him.

VAR: Wilmar, you copy me, I invite you to an OFR for a possible penalty VAR: We are going to pass the first one where you can see who plays the ball in slow motion. The first thing I want you to see is that the white player (Bou) plays it. Touch the white player first.
Roldan: I don’t see the contact.
VAR: We are going to show you a 360. The potential contact of blue that I want you to evaluate. I’ll give you another take. There is a potential contact.

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Roldan: Give me the best shot you have in the contact, because I’m not seeing the contact here Juan.
VAR: This is the best shot we have. It is the one I want you to evaluate.

Roldan: I don’t see any contacts, because it’s pixelated.

VAR: That’s the best take on the contact I’ve got.
Roldan: No, but I don’t see any contacts there. There is a friction and the player throws himself. Juan, white touches the ball first, but I don’t see a contact from blue, I see a passing contact.

VAR: There is a slight contact, which is what I want you to evaluate because on the court it is what you did not see. White plays and then there is a contact. Evaluate it.
Roldan: Resume in favor of Workshops, there is no full contact, the player feels and then rolls. I’m going to restart with a throw-in.
VAR: Play with a throw-in in favor of blue.

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