Star novels by Sylvester Stallone

Star novels by Sylvester Stallone

595 mistresses

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, a well-known tabloid gave Sly a gift, providing a list of 595 mistresses with whom the Italian had an affair at various times. The vast majority of these intrigues were short-lived, but the list is impressive not only in number but also in quality. Journalists also remembered Sylvester’s three-day affair with Cher, which was put to an end by the singer herself, who called her boyfriend a Neanderthal. Actress Cybill Shapard could not stand the sexual appetite of Stallone, who constantly demanded carnal pleasures. Rocky also had romantic relationships with the world’s leading models, including Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford.

Sasha Zach

At the age of 28, Sly, who had not yet been treated with fame, married for the first time. His chosen one was the photographer Sasha Zak, who was chased by Andy Warhol himself. The girl made a choice in favor of Stallone, whom she married. The couple lived together for 10 years and during this time they had 2 sons, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.

Sly was not an exemplary husband, spending time mainly at noisy parties, and not with his family. While married, “Rambo” made no secret of his relationship with “Miss California” Susan Anton, who was replaced by “Miss India” Persis Khambatta, who was replaced by TV presenter Mary Hart. By the end of the first half of the 50s, the marriage of Sylvester and Sasha broke up, and Zach received $ 12,000,000 as compensation.

Brigitte Nielsen

Less than a year after the divorce, Sly fell in love with Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen, best known for her role in the film Red Sonja, where she starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stallone’s inner circle did not accept the new chosen one, and Brigitte himself said that it was too early for them to marry, but Sylvester did not stop insisting and nevertheless led Nielsen down the aisle just 2 months after they met. Nothing good could come of it. As a result, the couple lived for 2 years and fled.

88 novels per year

After that, Sly went into all serious trouble, changing girlfriends like gloves. The writer Cornelia Guest was replaced by the beautiful Dina Goodmanson, who was replaced by Vanna White, who gave way to model Kim Andrea next to Sylvester, then followed by a short affair with Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Alana. The peak of the actor’s romantic activity was 1988, during which journalists attributed 88 novels to Sly. Mostly supermodels.

Jennifer Flavin

In the same 1988, Stallone met the young Jennifer Flavin, but this time he was in no hurry to formalize the relationship. They dated, went to the movies, visited Jen’s parents, but never went beyond a certain point. Words about an open relationship periodically slipped out of the actor’s lips in various interviews, and rumors about the betrayal of a partner reached Flavin, but the girl tried not to attach much importance to this. However, after 5 years of marriage, Sly left his life partner, about which he notified her in a 6-page letter.

The reason for such a sharp gap was Stallone’s affair with model Janice Dickinson, who gave birth in 1994 to a daughter whom the actor considered his own. Pretty soon, a DNA test showed that Slylvester was not the girl’s biological father, which put an end to the relationship between the actor and Dickinson. “Rimbaud” again began to meet with different models and even got engaged to one of them, but nothing serious came of these visits.

In 1995, Sly and Flavin got back together. A year later, their daughter Sofia was born, and a year later the couple got married. Until now, they live together in Los Angeles and they have 3 adult daughters.

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