The illuminated poster of Tío Pepe in Sol, Madrid.

save energy

The need to ensure the supply of primary energy sources, in view of their unequal and very problematic distribution on the planet, and in the face of a still insufficient development of renewable energies, is the engine that explains the history of this 21st century in its integrity and much of the precedent. Humanity, especially in developed countries, has chosen to lead a way of life that requires huge amounts of energy and that condemns us to the servitude of obtaining it.

The illuminated poster of Tío Pepe in Sol, Madrid.


It may seem to us that being able to drive a vehicle of one or two tons at a hundred and many kilometers per hour, with no other passenger than the driver, is a display of freedom. Or that having the possibility of writing these lines at 22 degrees, while there is a heat wave that raises thermometers to 40 degrees in much of the country, brings a kind of liberation.

However, if to do so I depend on burning a large quantity of gas or oil that I do not have, and that I have to buy or ensure that another sends me, I unite my destiny to what that other is, and therefore to something that exceed my will. In the case of the vehicle, there is no alternative: putting it at that speed makes me dependent. To write fresh I have still been able to find a solution that does not make me depend on what someone else wants to supply me: get up at 7:00 and do it outdoors.

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However, let’s face it: our strategies to dispense with energy consumption by putting imagination or, where appropriate, sacrifice, are the exception and not the rule, in the absence of force majeure consisting of not being able to pay the bill. Who has a balance in the account to face it, lowers the air conditioning thermostat, raises the heating or steps on the car.

The need to ensure the availability of fossil fuels explains events such as the invasion of Iraq, the leniency towards state assassinations and other Saudi atrocities, the daily coba received by the emir of Qatar, the express acquittal of the Bolivarian dictatorship in Venezuela and yes, also and despite us, especially these days, the seizure by Vladimir Putin and his clique of former KGB agents from the Russian state.

The British tells it with devastating clarity Catherine Belton in his book Putin’s men: In the dark process of confiscating the Russian energy sector to use it as a support for their authoritarian system, Putin and his people had the acquiescence of the United States and the West and the participation of Western companies that closed their eyes to their management in exchange for improving your position in accessing your reserves.

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With this background, that a society like the Spanish must dedicate all its efforts to find a remedy for its primary energy deficit, starting with the first source that every community has to procure a scarce resource, to contain its waste, is such an evidence that The low level of public debate on the matter is depressing, proof of the intellectual damage that the infiltration of populism has caused in the discourse of our leaders, of all political stripes.

That the saving measures are decided without a prior sharing of objectives and needs, and that the discussion ends up being reduced to an exchange of tie memes, or to shouting to the sky because the shop windows turned off at 10:00 p.m. an emblematic street, shows how far we are from having a coherent, responsible and adult management of our public affairs and, what is worse, with an alternative to put them on a better path in the future.

We have to save energy because freedom and even survival is what matters to us. You have to do it rigorously, and yes, even if some don’t like it, saving will entail some sacrifice.

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