When it seemed that calm had arrived, the campaign against fat phobia of Ministry of Equality has returned to the spotlight. A few days ago, the initiative “Summer is also ours”, Promoted by the Women’s Institute, it caused a stir after the complaints issued by the models that appeared in the illustration. The young women affirmed that the department led by Irene Montero had used their photographs without their consent and in some cases had even edited their bodies.

THE SPANISH had the opportunity to speak with one of them. In this case it was the British Nyome Nicholas-Williams, 30, who became one of the first to denounce the situation on social networks. The young woman criticized that the Ministry of Equality had used a photograph of her without her consent and assured that his agency had already contacted Montero’s department to get paid for the campaign.

Now, days later, it has been this same model who has revived the controversy accusing the Ministry of Equality and Irene Montero of being racist. In an interview that she has offered to EFE, the influencer is forceful in claiming to know the reason why she has not yet received an apology.

Nyome Nicholas-Williams accuses Irene Montero of being racist.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that the two black people have not received apologies. I think it’s obvious what it could be. I was the one who exposed the whole thing. And Juliet, who found out much later, has an apology, and Sian and I don’t,” says the young woman in the interview.

Some statements with Nyome calls out members of the Ministry of Equality as racists for having apologized to another of the women, Juliet Fitzpatrick, and not to her and her partner Sian Green-Lord, both of whom are black. The 60-year-old woman who was included in the poster with only one mastectomy, when she really had two, did receive an apology from the ministry through a direct message on Instagram.

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“As a black woman, I’m used to things like this happening. I don’t mention it all the time, but in this case, I feel like I should. Because they used my image and Sian’s, and not only do they change her body to her and put my head on another body, but they also don’t apologize,” he explains.

In addition, the young woman confesses that she does not believe the arguments offered by the Ministry of Equality, who hid behind the fact that the authorship of the poster belonged to the project ‘Raccoon Art’. “Clarify that at no time were we aware that they were real models. We are solving with the author and we are going to contact the models to resolve this issue. We apologize for the damage caused,” they published on social networks from the Women’s Institute.

Image from the Instagram account of Nyome Nicholas-Williams.

However, the influencer has been forceful through her words and criticizes that Equality tries to avoid responsibilities. “That’s the easy part, saying it has nothing to do with them, absolving yourself of any responsibility. Sure they hired someone, but before you do that, you do your due diligence to check if these people being used are real.”Nyome adds.

For this reason, he blames both the Ministry of Equality and the authors of the cartel in equal parts and requests that they step forward. Now, the young woman is planning to take legal action against Montero’s department and not settle for the almost 5,000 euros to be distributed among the cheated models that, initially, they have offered from ‘Arte Mapache’.

An incomprehensible action on the model’s head, which claims to be important to instruct the Ministry of Equality about the importance of consent. “Given that the whole campaign was about body image, this doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

Source: Elespanol

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