"New Sports Society" - without tennis, foreigners and gays

“New Sports Society” – without tennis, foreigners and gays


The other day, deputy Teryushkov fired again …

But not so long ago it seemed that with the departure of Zhirik there would be no more clowns in the State Duma. But no, not only are they now there in large numbers – sometimes one gets the feeling that they are clowns not by profession, but by life. After all, if Volfych did some kind of bright run, then everyone understood: here is a person, and here is a screen image. And these have erased the boundaries, live badly and speak badly.

As they say, who is talking about what, and lousy – about the bath. The deputies are all – entirely about “homosexuals”, lesbians and Anglo-Saxons. United Russia Roman Teryushkov on Thursday, in the program of the “federal channel” “Match-TV” called “There is a theme!” said that Russia, it turns out, is building a new sports community. Neither more nor less, and all the previous 31 years, I quote, “they imposed a love for sports that are alien to us:

– Yeltsin with a racket, now Kasatkina is another lesbian, she came out. We have hockey players, as in Canada – there are no homosexuals. Danila Medvedev lived from the age of 10 (abroad) and changed the Russian flag on his avatar to any other.

Did you understand something? But, as they write in your carts, “I don’t have any other sports analytics for you today.”

Almost all adequate people stated that Teryushkov is now not shaking hands for them (before that, it turns out, it was different?), And among all of them personally, the reaction of journalist Stanislav Gridasov turned out to be a landmark for me. Let me quote it with great pleasure below.


“After the revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks declared many sports alien and class harmful, not only tennis, but, by the way, figure skating too. For a worker and collective farm woman (a simple Russian woman: crossed out) cannot uselessly make senseless pretzels on ice, but she must weave quickly and run quickly.

(However, the sport itself, that is, competitive practices, was also initially considered harmful, bourgeois and ugly).

Tennis by the end of the twenties, that is, even before the birth of the peasant son Boris Yeltsin in the village of Butka, Ural Region, was removed from this harmful list, and it is clear why. The fact is that the new Soviet and party elite very quickly adopted many habits of the exploiting class, that is, they got servants, cars with chauffeurs, began to order fresh technological innovations from abroad, for example, warm toilets, and fell in love with riding in hats on water and on dachas requisitioned from the bourgeoisie.

Here is clean, white tennis, she fell in love too. Chekists especially liked to play tennis (see the courts at the Dynamo stadium), red commanders – the heroes of the Civil War (the first large tennis stadium was built in the Central House of Representatives), and members of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. Already in the 1930s, that is, long before the EBN, tennis courts quite served as a place for acquaintances, careers and other political and social elevators.

But figure skating, by the way, took root in Soviet sports and Soviet reality a little longer and finally took root after the Second World War, when on October 12, 1945, a sports parade took place on Red Square, and they performed in front of Comrade Stalin and his Western American partner Dwight Eisenhower, including a pair of figure skaters Samson Glyazer and Tatyana Granatkina (A mobile artificial ice rink was built for this).

Glaser, by the way, is an interesting person in general. The third husband of the ex-wife of Arkady Gaidar, that is, the stepfather of Timur Arkadyevich Gaidar and, like, the grandfather of Yegor Timurovich Gaidar, who, under Boris Yeltsin, the tennis player, will revolutionize the economy in the country.

But Glaser, of course, is famous not only for this relationship. In 1951, he will become the founder of a small school of figure skating in the Moscow Children’s Park, where the girl Tanya Tarasova will soon come to study (and after her many others will come – both Lyudmila Belousova and Irina Rodnina), the same Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova, who in 2022 will call deputy Teryushkov a “freak”.

Well, Tatyana Anatolyevna is a great, elderly and well-deserved woman. She is personally acquainted with Putin. She can. Not for me”.

Source: Sovsport

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