Mysterious needle attacks terrify hundreds of women

"Needle spiking": Mysterious needle attacks scare hundreds of women

“Needle Spiking”
Mysterious needle attacks terrify hundreds of women

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They stab for no reason – dozens of women from Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and now also Germany have reported mysterious needle attacks at parties. The youngest victim of so-called “needle spiking” is only 13 years old.

Dancing exuberantly and spending a nice evening with friends: some women don’t dare to do that anymore – at least not as exuberantly as usual. In the past few weeks, dozens of women in Spain have been injured with a needle or an injection while partying. The attacks are puzzling, they mostly happen at music festivals, parties or in bars. The Spanish justice minister is now calling on all women who have been stung without their consent to report to the authorities. She told broadcaster TVE that being pricked with a needle is a serious act of violence against women.

“Needle Spiking”: In Spain it is said to have started with the bull hunt in Pamplona

Since the beginning of July there have been at least 50 signs of needle attacks in Spain, reports the newspaper “El Mundo”. The first signs of the “pinchazos”, as the attacks are called in Spain, were probably on the fringes of the Pamplona bull hunt, which was also visited by foreigners. However, many women initially did not report it because they saw the puncture site much later and only noticed symptoms such as nausea and dizziness much later, it said. Numerous regions in Spain are affected, including the Balearic Islands with the popular holiday island of Mallorca. The Guardia Civil is currently investigating six cases on the archipelago – four on Mallorca and two on Ibiza.

The youngest victim so far is a 13-year-old girl from Spain – ecstasy was found in her blood. It comes from the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia, which borders France. The French police registered over 400 ads in the past few months and said the motive was unclear. It is also unclear whether each victim was administered a substance with the needle, because not all those affected complained of symptoms.

First case of “Needle Spiking” also in Germany

Now the first cases of needle spiking in Germany have also become known. T-Online reports that a young woman in Berlin was apparently also injured with a needle. She was at a party when she realized she wasn’t feeling well. At home, her boyfriend found a puncture mark below her right shoulder blade. The injury was confirmed by a hospital. According to her own statements, she suffered from coordination disorders, gait disturbances, hallucinations and vomiting.

The attacks are a mystery. Although many victims complain of dizziness, nausea and headaches, most of them could not be identified as having toxins or drugs. The strange thing is that it usually stays with the sting. Media reports that so far none of the victims have been sexually assaulted or stolen. So it seems to be purely about injecting a needle with or without substances.

In a post by “Brisant”, a Spanish woman said: “We’re not just going out anymore, we’re afraid something could happen.” Another woman said: “I want to be able to celebrate with friends in peace and be able to go to the toilet alone without having to constantly check that someone is accompanying me.” Catalonia’s Minister for Equality, Tània Verge, said of the events: “This is causing social concern, especially since there is the possibility of sexual violence against women, although this has not yet been confirmed.”

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