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Japanese church bans watching anime claiming it is the work of satan

Japanese animation, better known as anime, is incredibly popular all over the world and it is not for less, since it has works of great renown, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece. However, it also has strong detractors and this time, a Japanese church has prohibited its attendees from watching anime of any kind, claiming that it is from satan.

Japanese church bans anime as satan

This story became known thanks to a woman who was a member of a religious cult that calls itself the “Unification Church” and confessed that currently he does not belong to it, but throughout his childhood, he had no choice but to believe in everything they told him in that church, since his family were members of it and as a result of so many donations, they ended up going bankrupt , so he had no choice but to stop studying to work.

According to this woman, who has decided to remain anonymous to avoid reprisals, she commented that the church had prohibited its believers from watching anime and the explanation for this is that it was drawing of satan Any member caught watching anime would be severely punished, to the point of having their eyes washed under the excuse that they were dirty from watching anime.

It should be noted that in Japan, religious cults are quite common and unfortunately, they cause much more damage than the help they promise. To finish, we will leave you with the interview with the former member of the Unification Church, But beforehand, you should know that both your face and your voice are censored for security reasons:

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