'It was so much pain that I came to resign myself': AMLO narrates experience when he suffered a heart attack

‘It was so much pain that I came to resign myself’: AMLO narrates experience when he suffered a heart attack

In Huamantla, Tlaxcala, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) supervised the IMSS Bienestar health plan, which seeks to offer the population quality medical services, medicines and jobs based on the doctors who work in these Social Security clinics.

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The president highlighted that the leading cause of death in Mexico is heart attacks.

He acknowledged that many clinics in the IMSS Welfarelike the one in Huamantla, do not have specialized medical teams to treat this disease.

To highlight the importance of the medical team in emergency situations, he narrated his personal experience with the health services he received when he suffered a heart attack.

“I am telling you about this because I suffered from it and I was saved because they treated me on time, my vein and artery were completely closed, I arrived at the emergency room at two in the morning and that medicine they have there they applied to me and opened a I had a little hole in the artery, the pain was so much that I resigned myself, because I couldn’t, I couldn’t stand that pain anymore, those who have had a heart attack know what I’m talking about, fortunately the artery opened a little because of that intervention in time and the cardiologist arrived, the specialist and they operated on me, they did a catheterization and they saved me. So, having that here is important and being able to do the catheterization that only exists in Puebla, but does not exist in Tlaxcala,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He trusted that, once the emergency phase of the COVID 19 pandemic is over, the 80 IMSS Welfare clinics will be fully equipped for next year.

“The ideal, the utopia that we are going to make a reality, the dream that we are going to make a reality is that, for next year, quality medical care for all the people of Mexico, that is the purpose. That we do not lack anything and that we are all going to feel very proud because it is going to be an enormous joy to say that we have one of the best health systems in the world for our people, that is the commitment,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At the event, a group of people loudly and with posters demanded the release of Saúl Rosales and Raymundo Cahuantz, who are in prison for the crime of aggravated homicide derived from the lynching of Alfredo “N”, accused of having entered a robbery in a address in San Pedro Tlalcuapan, municipality of Chiautempan on April 15.

Saúl Rosales, president of the community of San Pedro Tlalcuapan, was arrested by the Investigative Police on July 14 as he left the offices of the municipal presidency.

Seeing that they were unable to attract the president’s attention, the relatives sent Saúl Rosales’ son to approach the president when the governor of Tlaxcala was speaking.

Emanuel, 9 years old, sneaked between the metal fences to reach the president who heard him and received the letter with his family’s request to attend to this matter and free his father.

“My dad is innocent. Get my dad out of jail because he’s innocent,” said Emanuel, son of Saúl Rosales

The tour continues through the state of Tlaxcala.

With information from N+ Juan Sebastián Solís


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