Despite using pumping equipment to remove the water, it is insufficient

Nothing is heard below, only the force of the water, says rescuer

Families pray that the workers are still alive; live crucial hours

SABINAS.- The rescue of the 10 miners who were trapped in a well in the community of little needle it was difficult with the drainage of this space; the authorities are working with eight specialized pumps, but are waiting for others with mgreater capacity to speed up this process.

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The work has not stopped since last Wednesday. More than 150 people are working for turn to rescue the miners.

$!Rescue of miners in pocito de Agujita, Sabinas is difficult;  reinforce drainage with eight pumps

At noon yesterday, the volumes of water did not decrease significantly, so another work meeting was held to determine actions, such as drilling behind another well and inserting submersible pumps with greater pumping capacity, the governor explained. Miguel Riquelme Solis. The three wells that make up this space had been flooded after the mishap.

In the evening, Nazira Zogbi, Secretary of Labor, He updated that with another five pumps it was possible to advance: in a first well it was possible to lower its level four meters, in the second of the wells, 1.05 meters, and in the last, one meter and 30 centimeters, all this in one hour.


$!Rescue of miners in pocito de Agujita, Sabinas is difficult;  reinforce drainage with eight pumps

Meanwhile, the families of the miners continue to wait, with the clock ticking.

Juany Tijerina, Hugo’s sisterone of those trapped, stated that he hopes to have news soon, good or bad, but something that will help calm his despair.

“RLet’s hope they are alive, because hope is the last thing to be lost, but if they are not, let them be delivered to us, because it is very desperate to think that we could not even say goodbye to them. My heart says it’s alive, but we know what it is and the hours that have passed”, Juany added.


In the midst of despair, Mr. Plutarch Ruizhas become the hope of many waiting relatives.

Don Plutarco, a former miner with dozens of years of experience, survived seven days inside the mine Broker, in La Florida, municipality of Francisco I. Madero, when it flooded in 2010, in an accident similar to the one recorded in Agujita.

I looked for the upper parts and went into the mine with which we communicated. I got into that mine that was about 30 centimeters, I was dragging, I barely freed my body and I looked for the high parts, because I knew well that in those points the water was not going to reach me”, recalled Don Plutarco.

$!Rescue of miners in pocito de Agujita, Sabinas is difficult;  reinforce drainage with eight pumps

However, rescuers are less optimistic. Alfredo Torreswho participates as a volunteer in the works, because his cousin is inside the mine Ramiro Torres Rodriguez.

Though Alfredlike the other relatives, hopes that they will come out soon and alive, admits that “Inside there you can’t hear anything, there are no voices or noise, you can only hear the water and the machines that take it out, but we are confident that they have been able to protect themselves. Faith dies last.

State and federal authorities specified that at least 10 miners are still trapped in the mine, three others were hospitalized after leaving the shaft, while two others have already been discharged.

Source: Vanguardia

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