Is defecation right after eating a disease?

Is defecation right after eating a disease?

Dr. Dang Tran Hao

Before finding out why some people have to go to the toilet immediately after eating, we should learn through the functioning of the liver according to Eastern medicine.

The liver is a very important organ. The liver processes all the food we eat and converts it into essential nutrients for the body. (Image:

The liver is one of the five very important organs and has the following characteristics: belonging to the wood element, declaring complaints in the entry, related to the tendons, anger, spring-generated qi, belonging to the wind, and liking sourness.

Importance of the liver

The liver is responsible for secretion, regulating the yang qi of the whole body. The qi of the liver is often courageous and urgent, likes to reach out and play freely, and hates restraint and stagnation. If the liver and qi are left over, it makes people afraid and terrified. If the liver is too secretive, there will be eye pain, dizziness, red eyes, watery eyes.

Liver qi repressed, unable to secrete into liver disease, such as chest tightness, suffocation, very uncomfortable, thought of having a heart attack, had to go to the hospital emergency room, pain on one or both sides of the ribs.

The liver stores (contains) blood, so a person who is anemic at night does not accumulate enough blood in the liver, causing insomnia, which is different from the heart of the blood. Hemolytic liver refers to the regulation of blood volume. During exercise, blood flow should increase, while at rest, blood flow decreases. The ability to regulate such blood volume is thanks to the liver.

The essence of the liver appears in fingernails and toenails. Severe liver disease can make nails black. Tendons attach to bones, tendons are mostly related to the liver.

For example, the elderly move slowly, the movement is not agile because the liver does not have enough nutrition for the tendon, causing contraction, relaxation, and stretching of the tendon that is not elastic normally, not only that, it also stiffens, but contractures appear. Acute convulsions or cramps are mostly related to the liver.

In addition, the liver is also one of the organs with a very important purification task to protect human health. The liver’s main job is to detox. The liver will neutralize all the toxins in the blood and move them down to the kidneys. Kidneys, small intestine and large intestine purge again. Thanh goes up to waste back, while bald is expelled through urination and defecation.

The liver also processes all the food we eat and converts it into essential nutrients that our bodies are ready to absorb. According to Dr. Bernad’s research, the fats and cholesterol after being purified by the liver are transferred to the kidneys and intestines for further purification, but in order to purify these substances, fiber is required.

There are some people who don’t eat vegetables and seeds, so there is no fiber to move the cholesterol, fat and cancer cells out, and then they go back to the liver and so on. The more toxins accumulate, the more that causes tumors and cancer.

The liver is a very important organ that we can die if the liver stops working for a few hours.

Often people do not pay much attention to the liver, because the liver is not directly connected to nerves. By the time we feel something is wrong with this organ, the liver is almost 75% destroyed. When the damage has penetrated the outer layer of the liver and reached the nerves, pain is felt. Those are alarming symptoms such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The liver is the main contributor to eating and defecating right out of habit.

The liver and spleen cause gas to defecate

The liver belongs to the wood element and the spleen belongs to the earth element. According to the five elements, wood and earth are incompatible, so any reason for abnormal liver qi is affecting the spleen, causing the spleen to go down and cause defecation.

The stomach and spleen are a pair of yin and yang that support each other in digestion. Any imbalance of stomach and spleen caused by any reason, also hinders digestion.

The liver is carved with the earthworm. Once the liver is out of balance, it will affect the spleen, which in Eastern medicine is known as the heart of the spleen. The reason is because of excessive anxiety, anger, sadness from day to day, or eating too much fat, the liver can’t resolve it, but causing the liver to lose its normal balance and violate the spleen. In this case, usually when we eat, we have to go to the toilet immediately, or after we drink coffee, wine, eat eggs …

Binh lang (areca nut) is a precious medicine, with the effect of water, lower gas, antiseptic and destruction. This medicine is often used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as indigestion, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and helminth infections. (Image:

Some people have normal bowel movements, while others have loose bowel movements because their spleen and kidney qi are impaired.

The remedy “Shao Yao Thang”:
– Bach dahlia 12 grams
-The emperor holds 9 grams
-Golden Lotus 3 grams
– Rhubarb 6 grams
-Duong Quy 9 grams
– Cinnamon 6 grams
– Myrrh 6 grams
-Verbal 6 grams
– Licorice 3 grams

Duties of Medicines:

– Bach Thuat: The main flavor in the medicine scale, relieves pain and pain in the epigastrium.

-Cinnamon: Air conditioning at the center.

-Duong Quy: Supplement blood and combine with Bach Thuat to treat loose bowel movements and abdominal pain.

– Hoang Lien and Hoang Cam: Digested and taken to the intestines.

– Soldier: Christmas spirit.

– Moc Huong: Treats stomach and stomach pain.

– Licorice: Combination of drugs.

In addition, we often go to the toilet in the habit of once a day after breakfast is normal, no need to care about going to the toilet before or after a meal, it is because each person’s body has worked like that. [qd]

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