Guasave.- Inhabitants of the colonies Las Palmas, Lomas del Mar and Del Bosque denounced by this means deficiencies in the garbage collection service, because some sectors have two weeks with the bags accumulated outside their homes, which can cause a health problem.

Marina Loredo, inhabitant of the Las Palmas colonystressed that it is two weeks since the truck trash does not go through his address, so he requests that this be regulated, since it is not the first time that he is late.


He explained that since the first rain they do not have the collection servicea situation that does not surprise them, because sometimes they wait up to a week for it to arrive.

He commented that in two weeks more than nine black bags with waste accumulated outside his house.

He clarified that his neighbors are very clean, however, due to the delay in that attention, more than 20 neighbors were affected around his home.

“Due to the rains we are very affected, I have already collected about nine jumbo-sized garbage bags,” said the complainant.

Flor Acuña, who also lives in Las Palmas, accused that in the course of two weeks she was very affected due to the accumulation of bags of trashso many stray dogs broke them, which caused the waste to be scattered all over the street.

He stated that the fetid odors that emerge from the waste not only attracted dogs, but also different rodents, so they had to constantly clean. “This also happened recently, it lasted a week and we are not in a very remote area, we are inside the city, I don’t know why this happens, it was a horrible smell,” said the citizen.


Ernestina García, inhabitant of the Suburb Lomas del Mar, assured that he has a week without the servicewhich caused an animal farm outside his house, having more than seven bags full of waste.

He commented that it had never happened to him that the truck trash did not stop by his home, so he was surprised by the deficiency in the service.

Also a resident of the Lomas del Mar neighborhood, María López, stressed that due to the strong odors caused by the trashThey saw the need to close windows and doors so that their family could enjoy the sacred food.

“It was horrible having to eat with that strong aroma, I had to close everything, even though I poured chlorine or vinegar on the sidewalk where the food was. trashit was unbearable”, commented the complainant.

José Soto, who lives in the Del Bosque neighborhood, stated that the service it is very late, because they have a week with trash accumulating.

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He declared that if they do not have enough trucks, he understands the situation, but asks that they apply the taxes they pay well so as not to go through this.

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