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Indignation in Independiente for the sayings of Javier Milei

the national deputy Javier Milei went back into one controversy soccer-political In his eagerness to question Together for Changecompared that opposition coalition with the Independent Athletic Club. He branded its members as “colder than the field” of the institution of Avellaneda. His words did not sit well, especially with the ‘Rojo’ fans, who came out to respond to him through social networks. Months ago, the referent of freedom advances he had caught it with another soccer club, which reacted via Twitter.

what did miley say

Everything happened during an interview that Milei gave to the journalist Viviana Canosa in A24. In this context, the deputy pointed against Together for Change for abstaining in the election of Cecilia Moreau as successor to Sergio Massa in the Chamber of Deputies. The libertarian assured that he, along with his fellow caucus Victoria Villarruel, were the only ones to vote against the designation.

From this, the economist turned legislator exploded with anger when referring to Together for Change. The libertarian branded the members of that coalition as “pseudo opposition” and ironically called them “Together for the Charge.” “The other day, very lukewarm, good for them, bitter, cold breasts, they abstained. Always for the sake of institutional order. They are bitter. They are colder than the Independiente field, ”he shot.

The ‘red’ reaction against Milei

Answers to Milei were not long in coming. One of the ones that stood out was the one formulated by the mayor of Lanús, leader of the PRO and until recently with the intention of running for office in the Independiente elections, Néstor Grindetti. “Milei talks about Rojo when he changed clubs and celebrated the win across the street. He will never be able to understand the pride that it means to be the King of Cups. Hold on Independent!”, said the communal chief.

The journalist Ricardo Fioravanti was another of those who answered the national deputy. Member of the party program Siempre Rojo, Fioravanti replied: “Unusual Milei surrounding #Independiente. Does he know that he has 5 million fans? He lost a few votes,” he warned. In a certain way, the libertarian endorsed his sayings against the ‘Devil’, since he retweeted the video where he is heard saying the unfortunate phrase.

“Unusual that the soccer fan wants to do and more unusual that the tribune wants to do when the Porve field was huge,” questioned a user of the birdie’s social network, clearly alluding to the frustrated launch of Milei as a candidate for president in the El Porvenir stadium, in the Buenos Aires town of Gerli, curiously a few meters from Avellaneda, where he is Independiente.

Another user, on the other hand, regretted Milei’s comment. And he told him: “@JMilei I bank you and it is great that you talk about the coldness of JxC, but for the next time it would be good if you use another example, Independiente is going through a very delicate moment and it is very offensive, since in the past we lived times of glory. Thank you”. In this way, the twitterer referred to the institutional situation of the club, which will eventually enter into elections after the conflict with union members Hugo and Pablo Moyano, who currently occupy the board of directors.

Milei’s background with Sacachispas

At the end of June of this year, Milei gave an interview in La Nación +, and during it he ignored Sacachispas, a club that plays in the First National, but with a vast history in lower categories. It all started with the consultation of the journalist Lucas Morando about her absence in the session where the bill was given half sanction to reduce taxes for the self-employed and monotributistas. That week, Milei had embarked on a tour of Colombia to give lectures, although it also coincided with the previous presidential ballot in that country.

To the question, the libertarian answered using Lila as an example. “I understand the smallness of the local discussion of watching the Sacachispas game. I’m looking at a bigger game, “said Milei, trying to justify himself. “I do go to the important sessions. For example, when we risked our lives with the Single Ticket, I was there. If I am, I go. If I am, I will go”, added the deputy.

“While everyone was discussing the chiquitaje, because that is not a true fiscal relief. If it were… In other words, with other deputies we have promoted other projects to seriously carry out fiscal reforms”, Milei remarked. In this line, she considered that she won that debate because “even the Kirchnerists now talk about lowering taxes.” And she considered that “the result (of the vote in the lower house) had already been arranged beforehand. I was aware of the numbers, so my number didn’t change with my absence. And I did not harm any Argentine, ”she concluded.

What Sacachispas replied

A few hours after Milei’s expression, Sacachispas replied via Twitter. “That is, how are you going to watch a Saca match, if with that wig it shows that you never stepped on Soldati”, shot the official Lila account. Added to this, the president of the club, Roberto Larrosa, spoke this Thursday with There We Go (National Radio) and redoubled the bet against the leader of La Libertad Avanza.

“They ignore you, as if to say ‘the lowest,’ and the bets come immediately,” he complained. Also, she told the behind the scenes of the witty tweet: “The guys who deal with the networks are aware of everything. They look and look and look. And if they don’t get to see something, someone makes a comment about what is said. There they get together, debate and put what they want to put. There is no restriction for them to put things, ”she assured.

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