"I took off my engagement ring.  I had no choice".  The man's reaction caused a storm on the web

"I took off my engagement ring. I had no choice". The man’s reaction caused a storm on the web

Although in theory the ring is only a symbol of the promise made by the bride and groom, many people attach great importance to it – both those who want to receive it and those who are faced with the difficult choice of “the special one”. Many women feel disappointed when their fiancé has failed to hit their taste – they interpret it as a signal that the man does not know them well enough. It is not easier for men as well – many of them are put under pressure to make the engagement ring as expensive and as impressive as possible, forgetting about the real preferences of the partner.

It turns out that a conflict can also occur in a completely different field. “I took off my ring and my fiancé stopped talking to me,” a worried woman confessed on the Internet.

Breakup? Nothing similar! Although if the partners do not clear up this argument, it can happen.

Here’s what happened.

“I took off my engagement ring. I had no choice.”

“I work in health care. Two weeks I got engaged to my boyfriend – he bought me a beautiful ring with a small, black diamond that I always dreamed of” – an anonymous user of the Reddit forum begins.

Unfortunately, the satisfaction did not last long, because it turned out that a woman finds it difficult to reconcile wearing this type of jewelry with the nature of the work she does.

“I often wear gloves and the ring started to catch on them, tearing them, which is dangerous. In general, we are not allowed to have artificial nails, rings or watches at all because it makes disinfection and hygiene difficult” – he explains. Fortunately, she had an idea.

The woman came up with an idea how to protect the jewelry

“I went to a jewelry store and bought a really decent white gold chain and hung a ring on it so that I could always have it with me, even at work” – he describes. The woman wore it like this for several days, but at one point her fiancé noticed it.

“He asked me why I didn’t have a ring on my finger. So I showed him the necklace and explained what the problem was,” he says. The man – unexpectedly – reacted with considerable irritation.

“He said I could take it off before a change and put it on when I’m finished,” he describes. The partner explained to him that this way the chance that at some point he would simply lose it, constantly taking it off and putting it on increases. Meanwhile, he remains safe on the chain. Her fiancé completely did not accept it.

“He left the room and stopped talking to me”

“At one point he just left the room and stopped talking to me. When I started the discussion on this again, he found that he was really struggling to pick this ring for me and I don’t even wear it now and it hurt him terribly “- admitted the author of the entry. “But I really like the ring. Does it make any difference whether I have it on my finger or on my neck?” – she asked the Internet users.

Rather, they had no doubts. “This is not the problem with you” – they appealed to the woman:

  • “It’s a very common practice. Every day I see loads of medical professionals doing exactly the same with their engagement rings and wedding bands – just for the reasons you wrote about. Why not try wearing it on your finger on holidays so he can see it then?“- notes one of the commentators
  • “Another field (I deal with arts and crafts), but the same principle – I take off my rings as soon as I reach the workshop, because I’m afraid of damaging it (or something I’m working on). But I always wear it when I have a day off. I added a carabiner to the keys, to which I attach a ring, that’s why I always remember to put it on when I close my studio door at the end of the day. This is also a solution “- adds another
  • “Aside from the ring itself. Honestly, I think that I’d be very annoyed if my fiance started arguing about something like that. The author does not wear a ring on her finger during working hours, and for good reasons. In addition, she found a solution to keep it with her. It is just sensible. Maybe I’m at a different point in my life now (I’ve been married for 20 years), but I’m more concerned with the pouting and irrationality of her fiancé. For me, it’s a red flag – maybe he just hasn’t grown up for a serious relationship yet? “- says another user

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