Ania went through the pandemic with a relatively dry foot. Her relatives and colleagues were sick and she was healthy. She heard it was “indestructible”. COVID-19 attacked her only now, during the great holiday slack. She is not the only one. The data published by the Ministry of Health show that for the period from 28/07/2022 to 03/08/2022 we have 21,973 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. Only 3 577 of them are reinfections.

– The first symptom was pain in the left tonsil after waking up – explains Ania, who asks for a written interview because her voice “is not very suitable”. Then my throat began to scratch more. I felt pain. Then I got a runny nose and a light temperature. Finally came a cough and muscle aches.

She doesn’t know where she got infected. She can only assume it all started with her brother. After him, his stepfather and boyfriend also fell ill. They didn’t know it was COVID-19 at the time. They thought it was a common cold. – I use private medical care. First, I went to the doctor who auscultated me, looked down my throat and suggested that I do the test. I had to go to the pharmacy and buy it myself. It came out positive. I am vaccinated with three doses – adds Ania.

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How does it feel that she first fell ill with COVID-19 more than two years after the pandemic began? – Honestly? It is exciting for me in some ways. I witnessed how each of my family and colleagues fell ill, even several times. At work, they told me I was indestructible. Congratulations on the first time crashed yesterday. I am actually glad that now, because I have a vacation in three weeks. The most interesting thing about it is that during the pandemic, nothing bothered me. When it broke out in Italy, I was there. In 2020, I was one of the first people to be controlled by medical services. I was supervised by the Department of Health and Safety.

Ola has a different attitude, despite the removal of the restrictions, she was still wearing a mask. With her, it all started with a slight sore throat. —Then it was an avalanche. Hour after hour, pain in the whole body, head and fever are increasing. A slight cough and runny nose.

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—I was expecting it to happen at some point, so when I felt a scratchy throat, I took the test straight away. I wear masks in public places – usually the only one – I feel that I did everything to avoid getting sick and I was prepared as much as possible. I had tests, medications, canceled everything right away, notified people with whom I had contact. – Ola’s responsible approach results, among other things, from her previous experiences.

– There have been such extreme cases in my family that I am simply afraid of covid. However, it is perhaps a kind of relief that this, at least for a while, is behind me.

The summer wave of coronavirus infections continues to accelerate. In an interview with Medonet, Dr. Grzesiowski emphasizes that the pandemic has not disappeared at all, it has simply moved to the next phase. “The western world was eager to say goodbye to the pandemic, but the liberal approach to the virus turned out to be wrong. We have another wave, and it is in the middle of summer. We have returned to the fall rate of last year. Worse, Omikron BA.5 increases the incidence in risk groups. and the number of hospitalizations, which is always at risk of dying, “she explains immunologist and pediatrician.

It emphasizes that resources that help us protect ourselves from the virus should still be used. Subsequent doses of vaccines, masks, disinfection, air purification, avoiding close contact in confined spaces and testing patients are key.

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