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Holiday in Turkey: Family experiences catastrophic taxi ride – “Outrageous behavior”

Holiday in Turkey: Family experiences catastrophic taxi ride – “Outrageous behavior”

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For these travelers, the holidays in Turkey almost in total fiasco!

This situation is certainly familiar to many holidaymakers: the day of departure is imminent. Still completely relaxed, you sit waiting in or in front of the hotel and worry about whether the transfer to the airport will go smoothly. As is well known, the clocks often tick very differently in other countries.

As a vacationer now reports online, her driver came on time. But the holidays in Turkey still had an unbelievable ending!

Vacation in Turkey: Passenger lets off steam in the network

A traveler will probably not soon forget this transfer to an airport in Turkey. “Catastrophe” is her unequivocal verdict in a Facebook group for vacationers in Turkey. Because when she wants to start her return journey to Germany with her family at the end of July, she suspects nothing bad as she waits for the taxi driver.

But as soon as he drives up, the disillusionment follows: “The driver came on time, but the car looked like scrap at first glance. When we got into the car, we had the feeling that the seats were wet,” the holidaymaker recalls. “We pointed this out to the driver but he said it was just water. OK maybe he cleaned the seats I thought. Unfortunately, we also found that the seats had holes, wooden elements were broken and only one seat belt was functional.”

The mother of the family had actually also booked child seats for her little ones. But there was no trace of them in the battered taxi either. Nevertheless, the vacationers decided to start the transfer. “The most important thing was that we got to the airport on time.”

Vacation in Turkey: Taxi ride turns into a meltdown

After less than a kilometer of driving, the total catastrophe suddenly happened: the car simply stalled in the middle of the street with all the passengers. Restart attempts were unsuccessful.

But the family was not the victim of a car breakdown: “Then he indicated on the translator that the tank was empty. If the car had broken down, I would understand, but arriving with an empty tank is no longer normal,” was the indignant conclusion of the Germans.

However, one must not forget that it is still midsummer in Turkey at the moment. But the driver was apparently not interested in the violent temperatures: “The driver made a few calls and we stood in the sun with the children and the luggage (it was even worse in the car) and waited to see what would happen next,” she writes Vacationer in her juicy rating on the net.

Vacation in Turkey: Other users protect drivers

Maybe the Turkish taxi driver was just having a bad day? Judging by the other users on Facebook, that definitely seems to have been the case. On the Internet, they protect the unlucky driver and report positive trips with him:

  • “We have been driving with him for years and have already placed a lot of people with him. There has never been a problem. Mistakes happen sometimes”
  • “We can only recommend him for transfer, rental car or to buy a phone card for your cell phone”
  • “Oh, we also went with the transfer two weeks ago. Was there on time, everything was super clean and well maintained. From the airport to the hotel and back again, everything worked out perfectly”

Even Turkey fans who have never driven with the driver understand his predicament: “I don’t know him, but he did everything to get you to the plane on time … why do you have to make all this public again step on?”, a user on Facebook rants back.


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For the family from Germany, the holiday in Turkey ended with a black eye: “After about 30 to 40 minutes a taxi came and off we went. Luckily we were at the airport on time, but it didn’t have to be all that stressful.” (lim)

Source: Derwesten

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