Gaby Ramírez accuses Platanito of sexual harassment;  the comedian defends himself: "it was part of a skit"

Gaby Ramírez accuses Platanito of sexual harassment; the comedian defends himself: "it was part of a skit"

The television presenter and actress Gaby Ramírez, claimed to have been sexually harassed by comedian Sergio Verduzcobetter known as plantain. Supposedly, improperly touched her breasts during the recording of her program, “El show de Platanito”in Los Angeles, California, United States, which was broadcast on Estrella TV.

In the program “Gossip no like”, Gaby Ramirez he said about it: “he grabbed my chest, he knows, he grabbed me without my permission and without my consideration”.

According to his version of events, one day She was invited to “El show de Platanito” and during one of the program’s contests, apparently, the comedian harassed her. “Suddenly she says: ‘well, thank you very much, she’s finished, thank you very much Karina for having been there and she makes me like this (shows how she touched her, apparently, without her consent)”.

Given this, he went to the owner of Estrella TV, Mr. Liberman, to inform him of what had happened, “I told him: ‘Listen, did you give the order for plantain grab my bust?'”

According to Gaby Ramírez, after her complaint, she was expelled from Estrella TV for having “messed with the channel’s great star” and they also forced her to apologize.

After the accusation Platanito admitted having touched Gaby Ramírez’s chest, but that it was part of a sketch. The entertainment journalist Esteban Macías, shared in his program “Chismorreo”, having talked with the comedian about this situation.

It is true, he did touch her chest, but it was part of a sketch and this was the live program, that is, there is nothing hidden, that is how the program came out.

“When the program ends nine years ago, someone tells Gaby Ramírez, it is the version that Platanito tells me, that this could generate a lawsuit, and then he is going to claim the director of the channel at that time, Liberman, he got angry , told him: ‘you already knew what the sketch was, like why are you going to sue us, and he said: ‘I don’t want to know anything more about you’ and banned Estrella TV from entering.”

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Likewise, Esteban Macías mentioned that Gaby Ramírez told this as an anecdote, however, Javier Ceriani, host of “Gossip no like”, did this “great and makes a scandal, he wants to get firewood from something that should not even be giving fire , what’s more, she says she already fixed it”.

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