Former conventionalist Raúl Celis: “The Constitution of 1980 completed its life cycle and it is time to dictate a new Constitution”

After September 4, what corresponds is to submit to the drafting of a new constitutional text or make the necessary adjustments if the new Constitution can eventually be approved, said the former constituent of Renovación Nacional.

Friday August 5, 2022 2:10 p.m.

The former member of the National Renewal, Raúl Celis, stated that regardless of the result of the plebiscite on September 4, the positive in both sectors is that there is awareness that the 1980 Constitution has already completed its life cycle and a new Fundamental Charter must be dictated.

in conversation with Radio and Newspaper University of Chile, The lawyer and former conventional of the 7th district referred to the current political context in the country, as well as to the beginning of the television slot that, in his opinion, is as important as that of the year 1988, becauseHere there are no candidates, where it is a matter of approving or rejecting a text and where there has been a “shuffle” of who is behind promoting each of the campaigns.

On the point and in the face of the false or distorted news on which the campaign of those who reject the new Constitution is based, Celis affirmed that personally, he has been as “impartial as possible” because he does not like “mixing things that do not correspond in a campaign, just as I do not like that some rules are distorted, where the interpretation may be debatable and therefore, part of the base that is debatable. Nor does it seem right to me that we watch shows on television, like the ones that have affected Matías del Río, so in what one broadcasts one has to be careful, because public opinion punishes politicians, institutions, the evaluation of the Constitutional Convention based on what it hears and if it hears lies, misrepresentations, violence, the entire political class is discredited”.

Given the scenario that the country will have to face after September 4, the former conventional said that the positive thing is that “both sectors are aware that the Constitution of 1980 has already completed its life cycle and it is up to it to dictate a new political Constitution that is the first fact of the case. A new Constitution is required, as well as the two traumatic processes that have taken place in our country in the last 100 years in 1924 and 1973, which also ended with a new Constitution”.

Another aspect that he highlighted was that “the text that drafted the Constitutional Convention does not satisfy the aspirations of the majority of the population and that is why the supporters of the Approval, or the great majority, speak of making modifications and now last, before the plebiscite of the 4 of September and the supporters of the Rejection, mostly say that it is necessary to reject it in order to reformulate a new Political Constitution. The form will depend on an entry plebiscite, there I see coincidences and it is what I manifested about a year ago”.

He added that both sectors recognize that the text requires reforms and ideally it should be transparent before the September 4 plebiscite is held.

Regarding the guarantees offered by the right after the plebiscite, the former convention stated that “the force of the facts is going to be inevitable. If you check the polls, the vast majority wants a change in the Political Constitution and that is shown by all the opinion polls and surveys. Evidently there are other sectors that are at another stop and these include a part of the right in the case of rejection, but they also include the left, the Communist Party that says no, here life goes on the same, the text is maintained let’s talk about modifications after the plebiscite, if it is required”.

He pointed out that “this is natural, but those extreme sectors do not form the 4/7 in the National Congress so that, In my opinion, no matter how much they try to support each other, in the end I think common sense will prevail, the immense majority common sense of folding in the drafting of a new constitutional text or making the necessary adjustments if it can eventually be approved on September 4”.

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