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Ezra Miller is accused of leading a cult!

Several victims accuse Ezra Miller of leading a cult in Iceland and manipulating minors into sexual relationships.

After a series of alleged crimes and arrests, new accusations against Ezra Miller have come to light in new article published by Insiderin which several people claim to have been part of a cult led by the actor.

According to the media Ezra Miller created the cult during his stay in Reykjavik, Iceland, when he rented a airbnb that filled with “Icelandic artists, expatriates and spiritual confidants” whom Miller had convinced to stay there, despite the fact that many had their own residences in the region.

A woman, who visited the house in March 2020, referred to the place as a “commune” and ensured that the guests “they were hypnotized” for every word Miller said, in addition to showing no reaction when the actor suffered mood swings.

Soon after, rumors began to circulate Reykjavik about the alleged cult of Ezra Miller, in which the actor preached spiritual monologues, as well as his insistence that he possessed supernatural powers, requesting that guests participate in meditations and rituals together.

Spirituality as manipulation

The article points out that “Many of the people who were involved with Miller said they believed in the issues that concerned the actor.” However, several of the cult members began to realize that the different practices were affecting them emotionally.

One of those people was a 23-year-old woman who reported seeing Ezra Miller get angry, cursing and yelling at the group for trying to choose which song to play, demanding that they get out of their “sanctuary”. The woman also said that on different occasions she came to run and warned her that she could read her mind.“I was a bit traumatized for a while”he admitted. “It was one of the strangest days I’ve ever experienced.”

Another 18-year-old shared that she had sex with Miller three times and that because of her participation in the group “he barely communicated with friends and family.” She also claimed that the actor became obsessed with her reproductive abilities and adored her womb. “perfect” while telling him that his family prevented him from having a better life. “Ezra was super manipulative. They had us all under his control.”said “They were able to twist and change everything I thought I knew about the world.”

The woman explained that after six days of staying in a hotel with Ezra Miller, the actor returned home to Reykjavík and she went to her apartment. It was there that a friend explained to her that for many years, different cult leaders use spiritual awakenings or material goods to manipulate their victims and isolate them from their friends and family. “[Era] exactly the same as I was with Ezra and that really scared me.” said the young woman. Likewise, she stated that she was not sure if she would be able to recover from her experience with the actor.

This is not the first time that the actor has been accused of leading a cult. In early June, the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes (an activist who traveled for months with the actor) obtained a temporary protection order after accusing the actor of manipulating her daughter and providing drugs such as marijuana, LSD and alcohol.

Despite the scandals, it has confirmed that Warner Bros. will continue with the project Flashand although the actor remains a fugitive from the law, it is unknown whether or not he will be replaced in the movie DC Comics.

Ezra Miller

What do cinephiles and cinephiles think? Do you think Ezra Miller’s career will end after his scandals?

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