Erdogan: Does the would-be sultan grab the Nobel Peace Prize?

Erdogan: Does the would-be sultan grab the Nobel Peace Prize?

Erdogan: Does the would-be sultan grab the Nobel Peace Prize?

Putin to summit with Erdogan and Raisi in Tehran

Putin to summit with Erdogan and Raisi in Tehran

It is only Vladimir Putin’s second trip abroad since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine: Russia’s president is in Tehran for talks with his counterparts from Turkey and Iran.

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His own country is struggling with inflation of around 80 percent, yes Recep Tayyip Erdogan gives the statesman of the world.

Although Turkey is part of the NATO alliance, it sees itself as a president Erdogan as an intermediary. Will he succeed in the big coup, namely another big deal with Kremlin ruler Putin?

Turkey’s President Erdogan suddenly a statesman of the world: will he succeed in the great Putin coup?

With the most recent grain agreement, Erdogan has brought himself into the limelight and earned a lot of international respect. The deal negotiated in Istanbul, mediated by Turkey and the UN, could have prevented a major famine in the world.

All Ukrainian grain carriers entering and leaving the Black Sea are checked for weapons in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. This is a huge upgrade for the country on the Bosphorus! The grain supply of many countries in the south is now decided at this strait.

Putin quite isolated in the world – Erdogan sees his chance

Now Erdogan offers himself again as a mediator. On Friday he will meet Kremlin ruler Vladimir Putin in Sochi – for the second time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. The two most recently met in Tehran in mid-July, where the main focus was on the situation in Syria.

For the largely isolated President Putin, Erdogan is thus an important contact to the NATO countries, although Turkey itself has also supplied combat drones to Ukraine. They don’t want to sell to Russia. Nevertheless, Erdogan stands between the chairs and cannot be clearly assigned to the western camp.


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Nobel Peace Prize for Erdogan? The demand seems absurd

Erdogan of all people, who wants to take military action against Kurdish positions in northern Syria, is increasingly playing the role of a possible peacemaker for Ukraine. After the successful grain agreement, he now wants to risk the really big coup and explore the chances of a ceasefire.

The first peace efforts between delegations from Ukraine and Russia in the spring, which also took place in Turkey at Erdogan’s invitation, made the 68-year-old look good internationally. The Dutch “Algemeen Dagblad” even brought up a Nobel Peace Prize for Erdogan at the time. His followers also liked the idea.

A Nobel Peace Prize for would-be Sultan Erdogan, who is increasingly governing Turkey in an authoritarian manner and is fighting Kurdish opponents mercilessly? The idea seems absurd from a Western perspective, but other controversial politicians such as the US foreign policy expert Henry Kissinger (1973) or the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (1991), who critics call a terrorist, have already received this award.

If Erdogan now makes real progress and can bring Putin to the negotiating table for a ceasefire or even a peace treaty with Ukraine, that would indeed be a diplomatic masterpiece.

Incidentally, Erdogan could also bring new recognition in his economically ailing country. At least Erdogan’s efforts can distract a little from the devastating currency crisis at home.

Source: Derwesten

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