Warner had its meeting with shareholders last night to report the results of the last quarter and announce its future plans. We already told you that the announced merger of HBO Max and Discovery + on one platform will take place in 2023, but the studio also ended up giving in to the evidence and announcing that DC is going to imitate Marvel from now on.

“We are not going to release any film before it is ready”

Warner’s CEO David Zaslav was in charge of announcing that they are currently building “a team with a 10-year plan focused exclusively on DC“, but what may put some lovers of this universe of superheroes back is that the model to follow is going to be that of Kevin Feig in Marvel. Yes indeed, in the nuances is the key:

We believe we can build a much stronger, long-term and sustainable growth business from DC. And as part of that we’re going to focus on quality, we’re not going to release any movies before they’re ready. We’re not going to release a movie to make a pittance, but instead we’re going to focus on how to make these movies overall the best they can be. But DC is something that we think we could do better, and we’re focusing on that now.

Some statements that invite optimism and think that they are really going to take DC seriously and that it is not going to be a sindio without direction. Now the key is going to be finding the right team and not screwing it up, which in Universal it is also assumed that they had everything thought out with the Dark Universe And we already know how badly all that ended. That you can criticize him all you want, but it is not so easy to find someone as effective as Feige.

Zaslav has also highlighted the importance of four characters in particular from DC, stating that “Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are brands that people know all over the world and the ability to push them around the world with great stories is a huge opportunity for us.“. We will have to see where the rest fits.

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What has become clear is that DC is an absolute priority for Warner. The point is that it was supposed to be before, but well, let’s have faith that now they do know what they’re doing. It doesn’t sound bad -although the forms can be improved, that the cancellation of ‘Batgirl’ has been a low blow- and more and more people are beginning to get tired of the fact that Marvel is abusing by releasing too many things.

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