These are the alarming figures of violence left by the Government of Duque in Colombia (and the pending challenge for Petro)

"Build a country for the excluded": High expectations prior to the inauguration of the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro

The politician obtained more than 11 million votes, a record in the country’s history, surpassing the outgoing president, Iván Duque, by 900,000 votes.

Gustavo Petro, at 62 years old, arrives at the presidency of Colombia with high expectations for the new government, and with a clear list of demands regarding education, health, the economy and, without a doubt, peace.

In one of the 20 localities of Bogotá there is Bolivar Citywhich in addition to being one of the largest, is also one of the most diverse.

There, a small Colombia is formed where the realities of the most forgotten and violent territories of the country converge, but also of the endurancethe struggle and the leaderships that are opposed to marginality and lead a path towards change, a reflection of this were the more than 200,000 votes obtained by Gustavo Petro in the presidential contest, the result of the convictions of the popular leaders of the neighborhood council.

“We are convinced, many leaders, many ordinary people, from below, that there is a great possibility of build a country for the excludedus”, expresses Judith Suárez Obando, leader of the town.

In 2013, Petro was removed as mayor of Bogotá and suspended for 15 years from any public office due to a crisis during his government related to the garbage collection system, a situation that could represent a “political death“for the president-elect. However, the support of hundreds of people who, until 2022, after his third presidential attempt, accompanied him and today are a fundamental part of the electoral results, not only as support but also as guarantors of the fulfillment of his promises.

“One of the demands here in Ciudad Bolívar —I’m not going to talk about all the young people, but about the great majority— is for a Decent job and have a University access“, says the youth leader, Diego Fernando Medina Rojas.

Six key issues proposed by the Petro presidential junction commission in its report

Although Gustavo Petro has been called a leader of the progressive left and for many analysts he falls outside the standards of a traditionally right-wing country, those who believed in and motivated the vote for him believe that the next step on the road is a president who fully represents popular power.

Sandra Liliana Sánchez Ospina, social activist reveals that it is “a dream longed for by many” for which they worked in this campaign. “From the popular bases, we managed to take care of the votes so that this government was given and achieved, this presidency of the people, because it really is the representation of the people. We see ourselves represented there and the next step is to reach popular power,” ensures.

The politician got more than 11 million votesa record in the country’s history, surpassing the outgoing president, Iván Duque, by 900,000 votes.

The president-elect made a decision possession symbolic in an ancestral ceremony in the Sierra Nevada, in the north of the country. The act was organized by an indigenous community on the eve of the official investiture, scheduled for Sunday, August 7.

Source: Actualidad

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