Behind the scenes of Sergio Massa's oath

Behind the scenes of Sergio Massa’s oath

It’s been a while since Serge Massa He had been openly exposing his recipe for the country. She used the metaphor of car entering the pitsand it was not necessary for him to complete the image, because it went without saying that the driver of that race always ended up being him: “If you have a car that is in bad shape and you take it to the mechanic, you don’t do a retouch on the dents, you have to put it ready, make profound adjustments, change the engine if necessary,” he said he said to the President.

Even before the untimely departure of Martin Guzmanof anger that the tigrense was in charge of making public for the (limited) entrance to the scene of Daniel Scioli, the brand new “great minister” did not hide that in his councils a change of organizational chart was included —and demanded—, which included his leading role. His swearing-in as Minister of Economy, Production and Agriculture, yesterday at the Bicentennial Museum, staged the realization of that personal desire, and at the same time the unfathomable ways in which the stars of politics can intersect, the internal (im)balances and individual toughness.

A definitively stellar Sergio Massa (with all the condiments, including Moria as mother-in-law), a President who spoke a few words and left the forum, the presence of almost the entire cabinet (including the resigned ministers), the full union leadership, governors, businessmen, and a generally festive atmosphere, crowned the image of that car that in the story leaves the pits glossyready to race.

Totally full

It had already been announced that the guests at the inauguration would be “around 500”, and in fact the room shone with totally full. So much so, that at the entrance there were some incidents when drums and flags of the Renovating Front were piled up, double rows of the official cars by Hipólito Yirgoyen, squeezing in the entrance of the press and guests. At one point someone decided to abruptly lower the curtains at the entrance to the Museum, a glass was broken, there was bewilderment, even shouting. The previous one was also with spectacular weather (and a few meters further back, with attacks by a group of —literally— nine provocateurs who came to “repudiate” all those who came across with signs that said “Jets!”).

outgoing ministers

The most applauded were Cecilia Moreauin the very first row, and the three outgoing ministers. Silvina Batakislocated to one side of the room because he had recently arrived, with the act already started. Alberto Fernandez he began to talk about the pandemic and world hunger in his short speech; she forgot to thank them, then asked to speak and then yes, she mentioned them. Daniel Scioli he gave his smile, as he had done since he entered, displaying greetings. Julian Dominguez He remained very serious, a few chairs back.

The entire cabinet—with the sole exception of Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, who is on a trip— gave the present. Among Wado of Pedro and Massa, the greeting was especially effusive. Also with Axel Kicillo, one of the various governors present, and the long list of officials continued, from Chino Zannini to Luis Delía, from Mercedes Marcó del Pont to Luana Vuolnovich, from Chino Navarro to Fernanda Raverta, from Hugo Yasky to all the heads of the CGT. Pipo Gorosito and Tula were also seen, without the hype. And Marcelo Mindlin, José Luis Manzano, Franciso De Narváez. Page 12 he asked the latter who had invited him. “No one, I came alone”answered.

family photo

But it was on the other wing, in the front row of the family, that all eyes fell. I was there Malena Galmarini (the other great protagonist of the afternoon, who wore a coat with verses from Martin Fierro: “Brothers be united, because that is the first law…”), the couple’s children (Tomás Massa, carrying thermos and mate, as his father usually does). And on one side, Pato Galmarini and Moria Casán, completing a photo that had the faces of Argentine trade unionism in the background.

“I came with my mouth covered with the Argentine flag”he told Page 12 showing off his light blue and white chinstrap. “I have great oratory power and my flag covering my mouth says it all. There is nothing to talk about. (This is it) Logistical support, I support it with everything. Strength, energy, resilience and get rid of stagnant minds. Forward”, he wished. “Are you aware of everything you are adding to Sergio at this moment?”, he asked. Page 12. “Everything I say, I really mean it. I’m authentic,” replied the mother-in-law.

The end was with barrage of hugs and selfies, and with the brand new great minister in the center of a human tide. Also with songs from a group of militants —mostly women— with signs that read “Massa. #BackWithBack”: “Borombombon, borombombon, we are from the Renovating Front”, was heard singing. Malena grew excited as she gave note after note, but Sergio ordered them to shut up. It was not the time to mark starting points, when looking forward.

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