Alive and flapping!  She was going to make a little egg with ham and... she found a live chick.  VIDEO

Alive and flapping! She was going to make a little egg with ham and… she found a live chick. VIDEO

It is common for supermarkets, department stores and other establishments to receive returns from buyers for having found a defect in the products. However, in this case that went viral on social networks, there was no possible return.

Although in some cultures around the world it is customary to eat certain animals while they are still alive arguing that this gives them a special flavor, the truth is that it is quite a surprise to find a living being where you do not expect it, especially when you are concentrating on making breakfast.

It was through the social network TikTok where an Internet user announced that when she was about to prepare some healthy eggs, she got a huge surprise that she did not expect at all.

Through the aforementioned virtual platform of viral videos, a woman identified as Karla Zamora uploaded a clip where it can be seen that, as soon as she did some eggs with hamrealized that in one of the shells there was, neither more nor less, than a live and flapping chick.

“When you are making your little egg with ham and suddenly”, reads the description of the recording that went viral on TikTok.

In the video you can see how, when uncovering the egg box, there is one that is broken and a small chick comes out of it that is still wet with the liquid inside the shell.

As expected, the clip quickly became viral, attracting thousands of users of the virtual platform, who, in addition to playing the video, left their comments.

Seeing the controversy that arose in the comment box of the recording, the user decided to make it clear that They were eggs from free-range in a house.

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In this sense, he reported that, in order to cover himself from the radiant Sun, the little chick had made the decision to move from the barnyard to the kitchen. “These are fresh eggs from home and, by mistake, they arrived in the kitchen. She is already with her mother, ”she detailed.

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