Add this inconspicuous bath product and enjoy its benefits.  Two tablespoons are enough

Add this inconspicuous bath product and enjoy its benefits. Two tablespoons are enough

A bath can save your skin and you don’t need any sophisticated cosmetics. All you need is hot water and some specificity that probably everyone has in the kitchen. Baking soda, because we are talking about it, is a great addition to the bath.

Baking soda is otherwise sodium bicarbonate in the form of a crystalline powder. It occurs naturally in nature, but can also be obtained synthetically. It is a completely natural and safe substance, therefore it has found many applications. In the kitchen it will loosen the dough, it will be useful for washing dishes, in the bathroom it will help with cleaning and washing, besides, it will soothe heartburn, absorb odors, and can be used in beauty care. We will find her, among others in medicines, care and cosmetics. It has many uses, so it is worth having a supply of this remedy at home.

Baking soda for bath – properties

Soda is good for the skin, so it’s not surprising that it must have ended up in the bath. There are several benefits for the skin.

Baking soda softens the water

If hard water is running from your tap, adding baking soda to your bath will soften it. Hard water is not good for the skin as it destroys its protective lipid barrier. As a result, it becomes tight, dry and irritated.

It soothes the skin after sunbathing

If you’ve gone overboard with the sun, adding baking soda to your water may help. Soda soothes the symptoms of sunburn and reduces pain.

Eliminates the unpleasant smell of feet

A bath with baking soda or soaking the feet themselves will come in handy when there is a problem with their unpleasant smell. The soda effectively reduces odors, and in addition softens the hard skin on the heels, making it easier to remove.

It works antifungal

A bath with baking soda in water can help relieve the symptoms of ringworm. It is known that soda inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeasts and has an exfoliating effect, thanks to which it contributes to the improvement of the skin condition. However, it should be remembered that the use of baths or compresses with soda against mycosis of the skin should be discussed with your doctor first. It can also be used as an adjunct to relieve pain and burning in urinary tract infections (unless there are contraindications), but it is not a substitute for proper treatment.

Soothes mosquito bites

Thanks to its alkaline reaction, it soothes itching after insect bites (also in case of mycosis!), Thanks to which the skin stops bothering you.

How to prepare a soda bath?

It is assumed that in order to feel the positive effects of baking soda on the skin, it is enough to add 2-4 tablespoons of baking soda to warm, but not hot water, and enter the bathtub for 15-20 minutes. However, it is not specified how often it can be used. It’s best to be moderate and watch your skin react. If anything goes wrong, stop using your baking soda bath. In the event of skin or other diseases, it is worth consulting a doctor first.

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