A free femicide in Pichanal

A free femicide in Pichanal

The 24-year-old, who stabbed the teenager to death on March 5 Florence Isabel Torrez, he escaped from the house where he had been sent by the Justice. Apparently the acting judge ordered that he remain in house arrest because it would have been concluded that he suffers from a mental illness.

The “apparently” thing is because yesterday it was not possible to obtain official information about it, although the presence of the femicide in the town of Pichanalscene of these events and her subsequent escape, was confirmed to Salta/12 by inhabitants of that town, where the family of the murdered girl also resides.

The novelty of the femicide’s escape caused consternation yesterday in the victim’s family and in other members of the Ava Guarani indigenous community where he resides. is that the femicide threatened to kill Florencia’s little sister. “He told her he was going to look for her. to her. That anguishes us even more,” said a spokeswoman for the group yesterday. Kuape Äi (Here I am)made up of women from the Guarani community Mission San Franciscoalso located in Pichanal.

Members of this group, which has been accompanying the family, demonstrated last night in front of the Pichanal police headquarters, in repudiation of “the judge’s decision to grant them the home and that it has escaped them so easily,” the spokeswoman reported.

It is not known with certainty when exactly it was decided that the effective preventive detention of the young man, identified as Kevin David Torres, member of a Creole family from Pichanal. Kuape Äi’s spokeswoman said that on July 21, it was said that she was going to be given the house and that as a result of those rumours, Florencia’s father, Ariel Dario Torrezmade inquiries and was informed that there was indeed a request to that effect from the young man’s defense and that he was going to be transferred to the city of Salta for an expert examination on his mental health.

The father participates in the judicial process as a plaintiff, with the sponsorship of a lawyer from the provincial State. The Kuape Äi spokeswoman indicated that this lawyer communicated yesterday to report that she had requested a police order at the family home, that she takes the femicide’s threats very seriously because before attacking Florencia, she had also harassed and threatened her. death repeatedly. If as they say, she has a mental disability, that “makes it even more dangerous in this situation.”the Kuape Äi spokeswoman reasoned.

The spokeswoman insisted that the Salta justice system operators do not provide sufficient information to the father of the murdered teenager. She said that she believes she was not notified when the femicide was delivered to her home. And yesterday she found out about her escape from a member of Kuape Äi. “It seems unfair to me that they have to find out from a colleague of ours from the organization that your daughter’s murderer escaped,” she lamented.

“Today the family is very scared, they think they are in danger“. Last night the police could not find him, “we feel that we are not looking for him,” insisted the spokeswoman, who acknowledged that the same members of Kuape Äi are “very concerned” about “the safety of the family and especially of his sister (of Florence)”.

A history of abuse

The man who killed Florencia Torrez at the age of 14, abused her since she was at least 11 years old. The aggressor was quickly identified, based on information from those close to the victim’s family, it was learned that I attended a special school.

Florencia was orphaned from her mother and by the time she was murdered she lived in the community new jerusalemof Ava Guarani peoplein Pichanal, together with his father, his stepmother, nancy fieldsand her younger sister, two half-siblings, and other children of her stepmother.

Florencia and her little sister were born in the community Wichi Mission, also from Pichanal, in the Orán department. Her father and her mother separated when the girls were still very young and when they were four or five years old, her mother went with a man from Charcoal Mission, another Wichí community, where they went to live, already in the department of San Martín, in the extreme north of the province. But her mother passed away about three years ago and the sisters went to live with her father, who had started a new family. As far as is known, Florencia did not get used to this new place where she had to go to live.

Florencia’s family has very few economic resources. The father does odd jobs as a day laborer on farms in the area.

Florencia was assassinated on the afternoon of March 5. Her body was abandoned near Provincial Route 5, in a place near the Pichanal cemetery. Her assailant attacked her with a knife, causing at least two wounds to her chest.

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