"Xenoblade 3" ending twelve year old series

"Xenoblade 3" ending twelve year old series

Facts: “Xenoblade chronicles”

“Xenoblade chronicles” is a Japanese role-playing game series, so-called jrpg, developed by Monolith Soft, with four development offices in Japan.

The developer was previously owned by Bandai Namco, but was bought by Nintendo in 2007.

The “Xenoblade” series is part of the same metaverse as “Xenogears” and “Xenosaga”.

“Xenoblade chronicles 3” was released for Switch on July 29.

“Xenoblade chronicles” is a Japanese action role-playing game series where the first game was released in 2010 with a sequel in 2017. The first is set in the realm of Bionis, while the second takes place in a world in the sky.

Now it’s time for the third part, which ends an imaginary trilogy, even if the stories themselves are independent.

The game begins on the battlefield in a world where battles are everyday.

— It’s a story about six young soldiers belonging to two enemy nations, and takes place in Aionios, where the worlds from the first two titles are connected, explains director Tetsuya Takahashi in an interview on Nintendo’s website.

Short lifespan

He describes the third game as the culmination of a journey that began 15 years ago, when the first game began development. Like previous games in the series, it is an odd world that is painted in “Xenoblade chronicles 3”. The residents, for example, only have a life expectancy of ten years.

— I have thought about how the perception of life would change if our lifespan were shorter. So if I simply set the lifespan to ten years, I thought about which decade of life to choose, says Takahashi in the interview.

Finally, he landed in the formative years between ten and twenty (inhabitants grow in cocoons and are “born” as half-grown soldiers).

— I also wanted to convey to today’s young generations, through my story, that everyone can carve out their own path however they want and that they should not give up on their dreams and goals, says Takahashi.

Battles start seamlessly and offer real-time control of the characters. Press photo.

Inspired by TV series

Unlike the previous games, Takahashi tried to make the six playable characters equally important to the story, including by ensuring that they have roughly the same number of lines of dialogue. All six also participate in the battles at the same time.

— Having more than one main character is something I wanted to do for a long time. The idea is similar to an ensemble drama, a method used to create movies and TV series, and I wanted to try to bring this idea into a game, Takahashi told Nintendo’s website.

“Xenoblade chronicles 3” was recently released for the Switch, to generally positive reviews.

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