What does the Global South think of Pelosi's visit?  – a small press review

What does the Global South think of Pelosi’s visit? – a small press review

The press of the Global South reacted mixedly to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, but predominantly with the wish that the crisis should pass without escalation. However, it is too early to comment on developments and most of the reactions are from before the visit.

The Indian Hindustan Times primarily reported that Weibo, the Chinese Twitter equivalent, temporarily collapsed after Pelosi’s landing as millions of participants debated the visit. The newspaper also circulated a remark by Pelosi. She is said to have said: “They make a big noise because I’m the speaker, I think. I don’t know if that’s the reason or an excuse. Because they didn’t say anything when men came.”

The Hindu commented first: “The fact that neither side wants or can afford a military conflict could ensure that the current tensions are defused once more and each side steps away from it and puts on a show of strength for their home audience. The last crisis has However, it has made visible the dangerous state of relations between the world’s two greatest powers. It will hardly be the last.”

Also Channel New Asia from Singapore seemed to wish for a peaceful process above all, citing a scientist named Collin Koh. He said Pelosi’s visit put China in the difficult position of having to give a firm and strong response while avoiding full-blown conflict. “Even if they try to avoid this outcome, there are still significant opportunities for accidental escalation.”

The Pakistani newspapers reported one thing above all on the subject: that Pakistan continues to support the One China policy. A statement by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry is quoted: “Pakistan is very concerned about the situation developing in the Taiwan Strait, which has serious consequences for regional peace and stability. (…) The world cannot imagine any more crisis that has negative consequences for world peace, security and the economy.”

Several major Latin American newspapers including La Nacion from Argentina, referred to an op-ed in the New York Times (which, interestingly, is no longer there). In it, author Thomas J. Friedman wrote, “Your [Pelosis] Traveling to Taiwan this week, against the wishes of President Joe Biden, is an imprudence of utter irresponsibility and enormous danger.”

In Brazil, the site of the largest TV channel covers O globo the topic under the headline “Biden will face ‘great difficulties’ restoring ties with China after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, specialists say”. The magazine veja details the risk that an escalation around Taiwan poses to the supply of computer chips to the global industry.

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Source: RT

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