Vox sectors come "political reasons" at the exit of Olona in addition to the medical reasons

Vox sectors come "political reasons" at the exit of Olona in addition to the medical reasons

Macarena Olona announced that he was leaving politics for “medical reasons beyond his control” last Friday, just a week ago. Since then nothing has transpired about his health status.

The secrecy surrounding this matter has not prevented sectors of Vox from attributing his departure to “political reasons”, in addition to those officially expressed, as EL ESPAÑOL has learned from training sources.

Specifically, they speak of a “political pulse between her and the bosses”, and the little interest of the Alicante woman “in staying in Andalusia” in the conditions she had.

People close to the president of Vox say that the truth of the case is only known “Santiago AbascalOlona herself and Kiko Méndez-Monasterio“, ideologue of the party, but they do not deny the internal disputes. “The truth of the case is in that sphere and it has not just come out of there,” they point out.

The sources consulted recall that Olona had been left in a very fragile situation, and not only because of the irrelevance of Vox in the Andalusian Parliament after the absolute majority of the PP in Juanma Moreno. But also because of the economic conditions, much lower than those of Congress, and because she had to adapt to a city unknown to her.

In addition, she “felt alone” among the members of the parliamentary group, since she barely knew her new colleagues. This lack of closeness explains why the former parliamentary spokesperson communicated her decision to leave politics through a message in a WhatsApp group to her colleagues.

Displaced as leader

That Olona’s harmony with the national leadership of Vox had been lost is shown, above all, by the fact that she was displaced as an interlocutor in the negotiations to form the Table of the Andalusian Parliament.

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At first it was she who led the talks, but Abascal finally imposed another deputy for this task, a person of his utmost confidence, Rodrigo Alonsothe president of the Solidarity union.

Now Vox is headless in Andalusia. The one who sounds with more force to lead the party in the region is the Sevillian Javier CortesDeputy Speaker in Parliament and one of the first people to bet on the project in 2015.

The Olona case It has shaken the entire organization. In regions such as the Valencian Community or the Basque Country they say that we must take note of what happened in Andalusia and avoid resorting to “a star” outside domestic politics as the head of the list.

Andalusia, which was the origin of the takeoff of Vox, since in that community it made the leap to the institutions in a surprising way in the autonomous communities of 2018, has also been its first major crisis.

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Despite the growth in the number of votes and seats (Vox has gone from 12 to 14 deputies in Andalusia), the outcome has led to interpreting the strategy followed as a failure. It should be remembered that the week in which the Andalusian electoral campaign began, the polls predicted no less than 20 representatives.

With the appointment of Macarena Olona, ​​the leadership of the party came to play with the possibility of even overcoming the PP. The reality has been very different: Vox was left out of the Board and Olona, ​​who has been one of its main assets, has left the party.

Source: Elespanol

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